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9-11-2001 May we never forget!
Where were you when you heard the news? Things,  especially things painful to remember get lost in history. Let us never forget! God Bless the victoms, rescuers & their families!
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I was in a hotel room in Long beach checking the weather to see if we could get one more walk on the beach before heading to LAX and fly back to Denver. I turned on the TV which was on CNN to a image of the first tower smoking. The feed didn't make it out like it was a big plane, more like a Piper cub. A camera at ground level was pointed straight up as the second jet hit.

To all that lost their lives on the jets, in the buildings, trying to save those in the buildings or the resulting war. You will never be forgotten.
I was at work (mental health clinician), in a meeting. We quickly adjourned and scattered back to our respective work sites; spent the next week talking down suicidal clients who thought they’d caused it with their minds, and the next four months dealing with guys in dark suits and sunglasses who had been contacted by those clients who’d “confessed” to being responsible. Didn’t have much time to focus on the national or global impact.
At work, we all hit the conference rooms and crowded in and saw it all on tv burning etc.

we were all silent and stunned

people are batshit crazy in this world
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I was applying for College. I went on a tour of the facility and when I came out into the commons they had wheeled a TV out showing the first tower burning. When the second tower was hit I went home to fill the gas tanks. Two days later I was served with divorce papers. 

I ended up with custody of three daughters from a female judge as well as a degree.
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