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Pike NF - South Park district Do NOT go there!
I will NEVER do this place again!
US 24 between Lake George & Wilkerson Pass to CR 31, FR 224 & 216

We got attacked by 2 boxers about the end of our (1st) 14 days, while walking on forest road 224. This is an area with multiple campsites, both individual & grouped sites. TG I use a walking staff; I got injured using it to keep them@ bay & so couldn't drive safely. Gypsy & Trav were not injured.
Over the Labor day weekend we got attacked 5 different times walking on FR 216. By 2 pit bulls, by a pit bull + a malinois & by 1 dog about Gypsy s size 3 different times. Each time, I told the owners that dogs are supposed to be restrained.
The 2 pit bulls owner said "bullshit! This is the natl forest"; the pit bull & malinois owner flipped me off. About 30 minutes later he fired off 2 boxes of either 40 cal or 9 mm thru the area behind my campsite & 1 of my water containers on the wheel chair carrier was KIA.
I whacked the dog that attacked 3 times with my staff. The female of the 2 owners screamed "you don't hit a dog with a stick!" I informed the male they were guilty of felony (I can think of 6 off the top of my head & I never played a lawyer on tv) He said I should leave.
No one apologized, nor asked if I was ok. The campers in adjacent sites all disappeared.
I have only now healed enough to leave. I drove to the FS office which had recommended the area along CR 31 to report these incidents & suggested they NOT recommend that area to any senior, disabled or dog owner as they could be killed. (I'm surprised we weren't) The office was staffed by 2 grey haired volunteers who failed to identify themselves when I asked to whom I was speaking. I explained what happened. The woman said "well now you know where not to camp next time" I suggested LEO could patrol & she said they were all transients (the campers). I'm still not quite understanding what that has to do with a LEO patrol.
I told her I was a bit underwhelmed by her response to a serious situation & left.

During our month-long stay in South Park I noticed 5 deer on the back of ATVs. I doubt deer season has started yet.
Every weekend that entire area sounds worse than a firefight (I've been in combat & hostile fire zones that were quieter, & safer) & includes full automatic weapons, all of which are fired from the campsites, not off somewhere remote.

WTF is going on here? I don't know - are all the people who camp along CR 31 developmentally delayed adult delinquents or do all of them eat several huge bowls of dumb ass for breakfast? but they all had CO plates. I would have had to enter their campsites to get tag numbers & thought that not a good idea.

I seriously doubt I shall ever return to CO.
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