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How do you level a travel trailer?
I've never noticed.
Level blocks or boards under tires as needed side to side , then hitch jack front to rear.
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when ya get into your site you put a level on your hitch to see how bad you are off on level from side to side.
then adjust camper in site if needed or of course use some leveling blocks

open camper door, put a level placed front to back and check level.

then hit your hitch to bring the camper up or down as needed to level the front to back on the site.

just monkey around a bit til you know what your level problems might be and then correct with hitch and leveling blocks

sounds way to involved but honestly it goes fast and ya get leveled up real least we do Smile

if you are fancy you have self leveling rig...push a button and done but we ain't got that
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You will get pretty good at seeing if a site is close to level as you pick it out. You will also get good at looking at the roof line and judging if you are close there too. I use a level on the shelf above the fridge but the stove top works too because it means that your eggs will not slide to one side of the pan.

You can buy stacking leveling blocks that will add a inch or so each. Should you need too many you will have to put one or two in front of the stack to make a ramp for the tire to run up. (two tires = two stacks) You can also get 2x6's cut to act like blocks or in extreme cases I use 4x4x12 blocks.

Some will just dig a hole for the tire/s on the high side. The one thing you can not do is use the stabilizer jacks to level.
My choice is a version of lego blocks and stacking them as needed to level the rig.
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I’ve been thinking giant LEGO blocks to store clothing...
I install a couple of those small bubble levels on the trailer or frame up front so leveling the trailer goes pretty quick.
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I used to use a stick on bubble level above the mirror and one on the passenger side above the holy shit handle. Gets a camper rig close. Trailers could done in a similar fashion or you could get all high tech and mount a sending unit in the trailer and a inclinometer in the rig. I've seen them and they ain't cheap and tech breaks. Bubble levels are cheap. But if I was solo all the time...I am a tech geek.

If you have a back up trailer cam and a tow vehicle back up cam you could see if you could adjust the cams to see a bubble level/s. existing tech with low tech solution.
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I can’t help myself.   Confused

I once saw a couple of meth heads level a canned ham by bashing the walls out with their bodies.  They slammed from side to side until the roof caved in.   Rolleyes

This was in the 90’s.  

Now back to conventional methods.   Blush
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you probably can do that with the walls of some campers out there also Smile
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