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picking resident state
So... I'm currently a Missouri resident (for another month at least). For tax purposes, I'm hoping to only declare Missouri as my state of residence for this year. I pay personal property taxes on home and vehicle here. 

I'm moving to Louisiana, won't be buying a home, but will be buying an RV soon as possible. I will be traveling as soon as possible, but Louisiana will be home base unless my Mom's miracle is answered and they sell their house (they are mid-70s).

I'm debating trying to become a Texas resident instead, BUT by the time I pay for something like Escapes, their mail service, and having mail forwarded--how much am I really saving?

My main concern (I think) is state income taxes on my retirement.

It will be much easier to establish residency in Louisiana, but at the same time, I'd like to avoid using my parent's mailing address as much as possible. I got a P.O. box nearby but I know that won't work for establishing residency.

Thoughts? Comments?
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As far as Louisiana goes, you might want to check out what it is going to cost you to buy (taxes) and register a vehicle.

You can have a mailing address that is different than your "resident" address.

Texas doesn't have personal property (vehicle) taxes, just registration and inspections. Thought about North Dakota?

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(08-15-2019, 08:55 AM)B and C Wrote: Thought about North Dakota?

Yes and no? As a possibility in the future, but not right away. I was looking at Texas because it seemed easier... ? 

Honestly not sure how I will establish residence anywhere without paying my own utilities, etc. Even my one credit card bill is paperless. A Real ID driver's license seems a challenge too. (I still don't have one because Missouri just made them available this year.)
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Easiest is to use your parents address. Cheapest? I don't know why you would have to have a utility bill.
Texas - use escapees
AFAIK ND is easy, just spend a night in an RV park.

How about a passport in place of the real ID driver's license?

Just giving you food for thought. It seems you have some research to do.

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I originally planned to just use my parents address (and a PO Box) and establish residency in Louisiana.... but I'm second guessing it. Sales tax is 9.95% so I'm just feeling an "ouch" factor...

South Dakota does seem an easy solution... I don't have a passport (yet), but that's high on the list to obtain too.
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A passport just has to be renewed every 10 years.

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Arizona? Just have to keep your mail fowarding paid for in Q. You get a PO Box and physical address from them. And I was told insurance is cheap, and I *think* no inspection?
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two choices
a place to winter or a place to summer

west coast would be the perfect place if the government wasnt batshit crazy and tax you to death,literally
Late to the party, but here is a brief comparo of domicile states I've been working on.
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  • Kyz (08-21-2019)
UPS store will give you a P.O.Box My address through the UPS store looked like this Roaming Raven 1234 Our Street, Suite 567 The Town, ST zippy You can use that for your driver's license and UPS will forward your mail to you. Mine in Ohio was 159 a year.

PS the Suite # is your P.O.Box #
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