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Little round Vents

Anybody know if these are any good? 

Opinions? Experience? I’m thinking there are cheaper out there on eBay.
I am not familiar with the brand or one that takes a round hole.  Huh
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Expensive little fookers, but neat if they work!
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Too rich for my blood.  I'll bet Sternwake could devise an alternative yjat would cost less and be more efficient.  Probably use a computer fan.
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  • heron (08-02-2019)
Those vents remind of boat or sailboat vents. I have one from a garage sale.  
 They are available with a tiny solar panel on them but would be very surprised if they move a lot of air with such a small panel. Maybe good to have both direct solar vent with no battery and indirect solar vent through the house battery. 
 I’m looking for side vents for a side wall. After roasting in my van I’m taking venting a lot more seriously now lol. Because of bugs I cannot rely on opening the windows or doors.
Computer fan in a toilet flange?
I have a Nicro marine mushroom vent purchased in 2001..for.-60$
Has a 4 inch aperture and small solar panel.

Rated at 1000 cubic feet per hour.

Had a C sized nicad battery to run overnight.

Fan motor started clicking.early.
Now motor is removed and streamlined for.minimum resistance.
2 counter rotating 4.75 inch computer fans force air through a step down ring.

Ill estimate they move over 100cfm together at max speed, for 0.55 amps.

The linked fan has a squirrel cage fan motor. Claims 100 cfm for 1.5 amps.

Id like a bigger version of my current roof.exhaust fan. I see nothing id buy.

Hard to beat fantastik or maxairr fans when one is willing to cut a 14 inch square hole and can be there to lower the lids in rainstorms. I dont have to worry about rain with a vent.

The rainproof lids on a van is like a giant festering pulsing pimple, waiting to be popped, in my opinion
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  • weigh2ez (08-03-2019)
I have one of those pimples over my fantastic vent. Not much to look at but works great.

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  • Roadtripp (08-03-2019), Brad (08-18-2019)
I prefer to a reduce roof clutter. I just removed 3@14” pimples (opening vents) , 1@24” pimple (dome bathroom skylight), 1@6” pimple (fridge vent), and one giant wart on a 14” hole (air conditioner) from a 28 foot Motorhome. On goes solid 1/8”  aluminum roof then solar panels.
 Also removed old TV antenna and newer satellite recieved system. Only a CB antenna mount remains at the very front because it’s on the fiberglass front cap and I have not decided what to do with that section. 
  Venting is the next challenge. The fridge coils come  very close to the ceiling so a side wall vent will barely be high enough to vent. Or it can be replaced with a all electric fridge that vents inside and eliminate another hole. 
 Will keep one eye open for a bigger mushroom vent. 
 Am looking for some boat style ports to place computer fans in.
I installed one of those round ventline fans in my pickup topper.

They use a cheap 'hobby motor'....with brushes. They do the job but they are noisy, and only have one speed, and one direction.

I modified mine (of course) to have 2 speeds, and better airflow with a coarse plastic screen replacing the fine mesh bug screen.

BTW they are factory installed in Casita campers in the bath/shower.
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