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How to wire up a solar panel kit?
Here is the solar charge controller with the wires and connectors that came with the kit:

This is the pure sine wave inverter with wires and connectors:

And the solar panel wire connectors:

I have one pair of mc4 solar panel connectors on order so I can connect the solar panel to the wires.
I assume the white wire (which is quite long and has positive and negative wires in it) connects to the solar panel and the solar controller, correct?

Do I need to buy positive and negative wires to run from the battery to the controller?  The solar kit I got doesn't seem to have those wires.
The kit was suppose to have come ready to set up, does it look like I have everything to setup the solar panel kit?  (battery is still to come)
you need a fuse box

panel + to controller +,panel - to controller -

controller battery + to fuse on battery +,controller battery - to battery -

battery + to fuse box +,battery - to fuse box -

electrical items/outlets wired to fuse box,fuses are matched to wire size

inverter and fridge wired to battery with their own fuse,the bigger the wire you can use the better

links are just the first ones i came across,shop around

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