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#dontreturnthatcart #leavethatcart
(07-02-2019, 07:59 AM)Blanch Wrote: From now on, at any store I go to that does this, I’m leaving my shopping cart out in the way in the parking lot.

I applaud the intention to try to do something about a situation that hurts ordinary people.   And now the inevitable "But".   When I come across a shopping cart left out in the way, I only get annoyed at the person who left it there.   I have run programs in social action and the first thing we decide is how to let the target of the proposed behaviour know what we intend to do and what is the thing we want them to address.    

Not so long ago, I placed a ball cap associated with a prominent politician on the ground close to a cat hole and then pissed on it.   Into the hole it went to mingle with the contents of the toilet cassette, then 10 inches of dirt on top.    I felt good, walking away, but the politician is largely unaware of my opinion, my act of disrespect, and probably does not care.

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