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My trip is off
They say rv plans are made of that gelatinous substance. Sure found that out. I came within days of leaving for my music tour of the south, when my puppy aka Hoover vacuum ate a bunch of pits from the dog park here. Now I don’t want to travel far with him and he gets sick. 

Another factor is weather, I watch the weather all the time and it’s either tornadoes, flooding,  thunderstorm, hail that can destroy my vent cover, ac, or solar panels. 
Cant deal with that. I’m a weather  wimp, been on the west coast too long I guess.

It was my plan to stay on the coastal states after an east coast trip. Now I just want to go home. I know California has problems, severe problems in fact, but it’s still my home by birthright. I think next year I’m going to just snowbird between Oregon and Arizona. 

So it’s disappointing for sure. I’ll just plan a bigger trip to make up for it. I’ll miss this coming YARC Camp and RTR, but next time I’ll be back for good.
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Plans can change again. You might make YARC Camp afterall
My travels are so on hold it isn’t funny. I think commitments are harder to get rid of than stuff. Yup avoid bad weather. How do you do that though? Stuff happens everywhere I go. I’m having to mess with a house fix up and that job keeps growing. Then my foot is having issues. I think I traced it to an ankle chip fracture 5 years ago. Plus I do some water exercise and it agrivates the whole thing. I’m working on massaging it several times a day. Chinese guy on YouTube was the one dead on how to massage plantar facitis. I still need to figure out how to massage out the scarring on the fracture line. Another video to find?
You have plantar fasciitis? Best treatment I found when I had it was to grab your toes and pull back until you feel a stretch. Do that several times a day to get that band of tissue stretched out. Also massaging the bottoms of the feet help.
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  • Texjbird (10-10-2019)
I will pray about your plantar faceitis.Had that once... a lasting memory.
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  • Snikwahjm (07-02-2019)
Waldenbbound... you can change your mind as many times as you need to. West coast states are my plan too until winter.
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  • waldenbound (07-02-2019)
Sorry for your travel troubles. I get it, nothing truly ever goes smoothly Smile

I hope your pooch will be fine!!
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  • waldenbound (07-02-2019)
I believe pf was agrivated by the fracture scar tissue. That has to be dealt with none of the exercises have worked.

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