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right or wrong?
So in line at store with my friend....she is like me, hates stores but it WAS Xmas time and we needed some filler presents.
1 cashier when they had stalls for like 6 cashiers.  ok that is annoying right there Smile

like 12 people in line with ONLY like a handful of crap each, a pair of gloves, a sweatshirt and a few hair accessories, another hand about 3 shirts and a skirt and another had like a pair of boots and some wintery type socks and slippers.....little items mostly......

and IT SHOULD have gone fast but the 'TEEN' at the register was so friggin' show.....chatting how each item SHE liked but if not she would have bought another type she liked...……..and BLAH BLAH and it was WAY OVER the normal type fast chat required from a GOOD cashier Smile  ya'll get that of course I know.

So in front of us was a gal.  On her phone, fingers moving like lightening just zapping that screen all over the place.  The line wasn't moving cause this gal NOT once looked up Smile  So the gap gets bigger and bigger and while we were waiting forever for the ones ahead of her which was torture, the gap grew and it was HER turn and she never looked up.

So my friend says screw this, she basically pushed by her side in our nylon formed wiggly line to the cashier and I followed and we got to the register and the teen says, she is next and points WAY back to the gal on the phone still engrossed and no clue what is going down LOL

I say, are ya kidding?  She has no clue and this line took forever thru your endless chatter and then my friend says yea, we got like 2 items for me and 1 for her and cash in hand.  By the time ya say all this we could be cashed out, on our way and done and you could be servicing her after ya YELL at her to get the hell up to the register.

Girl says, nope she is next.  Of course we say we don't want our stuff, walk away and under our breath are saying screw this LOL

Then when home my friends sends email to store and gets canned response.  We appreciate your feedback and will look into the matter.……….useless at that point and of course she won't waste her time any further than the little she bothered to say.  

We weren't stark mad or hateful to the max or whatever.  But the annoyance of 'what is right and what is wrong' is so out of balance as I see it.....but I think the 'tolerance' of all BS in life is so out there that no one has a right to call anyone on the wrong?  See where I am going with this Smile

So this is a thing that happened in life and I am sure it happens more than I experience cause I don't 'do stores' much anymore but I bet this is a real thing nowadays HAHA

So another scenario
Kid camping next to us.  Young, like 5 maybe?
I was behind rv rinsing out some surf fish towels for hubby.
mostly nice kid but the father starts feeding the seagulls some leftover order out from container and the damn things flock all over.  Bird shit everywhere on our rvs.  The other neighbors tent top and windows took a heck of a hit Smile  Our rv just got some crap on top and down a few windows a bit but it was like.....feed the damn things on the beach LOL

but then the kid while Dad was throwing food was shooting a soft suction gun at them and hit quite a few but of course they weren't hurt from this but I was just shaking my head thinking....UGH!  Takes all kinds of dumb out there and it was over fast as food ran out fast and done deal.

So me and hubby behind rv getting ready to dump grey and black and a gulls were there and kid is outside by himself and starts throwing rocks at birds.  I say real fast, NO, a person does not hurt wildlife like those birds and we do not throw rocks to hurt anything. It is not our right to hurt animals for no reason. 

Kid freezes of course HAHA and I enjoyed that, my time to tell a kid as I was 'told' LOL and kid goes back to his rv and plays in the, over, done and lesson learned (hopefully a bit)

hubby says I should not have said that.  his parents have the control and we are not to reach out and speak to no kid like that nowadays and I reply, I hope to hell there are some real adult humans will correct my kid about some simple truths in life if they are acting wrong.  I said what will go down?  kid says I told him NO and parents would be mad?  And if I get confronted I would say the same to the adults LOL  

well nothing happened, all good but when does the annoyance of tolerance and fear to speak to anyone anymore get so over the top stupid.

let me tell ya'll I am just spewing a bit.  Just a baby rant cause it irks me. Just something I see changing a lot since my old days.  I am getting older and seeing weirdo things going on and according to hubby I am not to notice or react and according to the store with 'their canned response' to my friend shows no one reacts or cares.

so I ranted this out a bit for fun cause when was the last time you saw super stupid out there and ya handled it.  99.9% I walk away and sigh, 1% I get involved in dumb out there. lol

this thread is in good fun chat, not go crazy Smile
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  • Wabbit (06-28-2019)
First story,

That happened to me at a dollar store. The wait here signs were 20 feet from the register. People were gabbing and I had two items and cash in hand. I came in as the person being waited on walked away so I walked up and put my items down. Someone noticed me and started whining.  I left the ice cream there and walked out. They were still talking and not moving when I hit the door. 

Second story,

It takes a whole community to teach a child how to become a good person. Never be scared to speak up
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
My pet peeve...……………..Since when do you need PRIVACY at the fast food register...…...people "in-line" wait 6 feet back from the register ?

My FILTER is long gone...……...It's a line...….MOVE IT !
PAULETTE and "Two Cats and THE DOUG"

Whereabouts unknown...……...
First story.

I don't mind saying something to people holding up a line. In that case, something along the lines of, "Hey Missy, you're holding up the line!" If ignored, I'd prob assume she didn't hear me and would repeat myself louder and right in her ear.

Second story.

I would have said something too.

There's many times I know when I speak up, it's not going to change them or their behavior. I speak up because if I don't, it might change me.
Loved your story GS!
yea what is up with it all out there? no clue LOL
makes me want to more withdraw from it all and I have withdrawn a ton as it is and the few times I venture out I still get nailed LOL
(06-28-2019, 08:38 AM)Abnorm Wrote: My pet peeve...……………..Since when do you need PRIVACY at the fast food register...…...people "in-line" wait 6 feet back from the register ?

It might not be privacy they're thinking about. It might be that with 2 or 3 registers running, it's quicker to form one line and then move to the register that's open next.
(06-28-2019, 08:40 AM)RoamerRV428 Wrote: ...makes me want to more withdraw from it all and I have withdrawn a ton as it is and the few times I venture out I still get nailed...

Yeah I hear ya. Withdraw from it and you pay the price. Speak up and say something, you pay the price. If you're going to pay a price either way, do what makes you feel better. I dwell on shit that I think I should have said something but I chose not to. I don't dwell that much on what comes out of my mouth. If someone has a problem with what I say, that's their problem.
I think that the 6 foot thing is for protection of PIN numbers. 

But, so many people are selfish and only care about themselves. Today I drove to Nashville and was almost hit by two separate entitled drivers.  I signaled, started to merge, and saw the cars shoot for the spot I was almost in without signaling.  There was enough room to merge without speeding up. 

I sometimes want a James Bond car. Push a button and end the problem.  Big Grin
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
Once, in the small mountain town I used to live in, I was waiting in line when the man in front of me turned away for some reason, stepping out of line to look at something, and I took his place just as the cashier was ready for another person. He saw me there and became very irate and verbally abusive of me, but the cashier just processed my groceries, ignoring the man. I figured that since I was a local and this man was a visitor to the community, the cashier felt more protective of me than of him. Also, people in our community never talked to each other like that, at least, not to strangers, and not in public! I guess he shouldn't have turned away for a few seconds if he wanted to stay ahead of me in line. I thought he'd just decided not to get checked out right then. In any case, I wondered if that was a normal way to react if cut in on. I don't think I'd be nearly as angry. It wasn't like I had a huge cart of groceries - just one or two items.

In your situations - I probably would have told the cell phone addict it was her turn to be checked out. And the child - I would definitely take my opportunity to give him my opinion on throwing rocks at birds. Good that you did - he needed a second opinion and I hope that will stay with him the rest of his life.
Political correctness is when an entitled moron tries to force normal people to submit to his/her brand of idiocy.  

It does seem to be common in stores.  I don't know how the situation started in Home Depot, but it was already in progress when I got in line (the only one with a human checker).  The middle-aged woman was scowling at the young male person (YMP) as she headed for the exit.  The YMP called after her that she should do her shopping via Amazon.  Behind him was a gray-haired man wit a regular basket-cart with maybe 6-8  2x4s balanced on top.  He picked up one and motioned with it like he was going to whack the YMP over the head, and everyone in line and the woman leaving laughed out loud, including me. By the time the YMP turned around, the older man appeared to be examining the 2x4 at a knot.

Sometimes, I think we should carry pepper spray for training purposes.

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