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right or wrong?
great stories on the board, omgosh it ain't just me and the stupid lines!!

I read somewhere we spend, like, hmm, if I can remember right, like 7 years of our lives in lines? I do remember it was a crazy amt of time we lose.

Hubby and I went to our dollar store and next to it is the DMV.

Before it opened, line was down the entire strip mall, maybe 20-25 or so in line and I thought, omg thank the stars I am not in that line!! If you are toward the back of that line you are looking at so many hours just for DMV...insanity.

I just renewed our registration online, now that's the ticket!
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Title modification required here......right or "Ain't Right?
Stay Tuned

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HAHA I like that!
Social security line to get an appointment...
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one of my top 10 Crowley scenes...
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(06-29-2019, 04:03 AM)Snikwahjm Wrote: Social security line to get an appointment...
All the ones I have seen lately have a computer Cheshire in that spits out a bunny.
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Our social security office has a long waiting line, one indoors and one in the lobby. They won't answer the phone so can't make an appointment and there are certain things they won't do over the phone. Nor would they respond to my letters!

Roamer says we spend something like seven years of our lives in lines. Remember when the government gave away free cheese? LONG line for that. Good thing we were trained to wait in lines when we were in elementary school. A very useful lesson that could be used later in life. A lot.
Anyone who has been in the military understands "hurry up and wait".  Carries over tho the VA too.

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