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The JunkYard
The junkyard was the world they all lived in. They all came from different places, save for one, and yet once here they decided to stay. The hunting was good, and despite all the different breeds, they seemed to get along. There were good days and bad ones; some better than good and some worst than bad. But, here in the Junkyard, they were a team, or clan, perhaps a collective conglomerate of like minds. 

Rachel had been here a long time, since before the time Grey Gunny sacrificed his life to turn the night-lights on. That was one of those worst than bad days. She recalled it had been raining heavily for days. The dogs and the coyotes had been hunting the fence line for days it wasn’t safe. The dogs were stupid but the yotes were quick. Gypsy had been bitten and lost part of her tail. It happened in a flash, Gypsy had a way with the dogs and yotes but on this day they were hungry. She barely squeezed back under the rail with the relay thing they needed for the lights. 

Gypsy laid on one side, her pink, green, dyed white hair staining red with the flow of blood from her amputated tail. She had come to the junkyard from a little girl in Oregon. The usual sad story of a little girl’s cat cast aside as she discovered boys and video games. A shadow of the treasure she had once been to the little girl. The little girls mother was an actress and her father an electrical engineer and they both thought it best to get Gypsy a new home. Gypsy understood her worth to them and at the same time, her worth in herself and that night slipped away into the emotional desert of the human’s world.  

On this night she lay bleeding and her meows of pain and the meows of suggestions about what to do about her pain awoke the dangerous spotted African Serval. He usually just watched from his high perch inside the junkyard’s crane room. Gypsy didn’t know why the others thought he was dangerous. That is just what they called him. He had never hurt anyone or been a jerk cat. But she had to admit he had an animal thing that was different than the cats raised in normal families. He disliked humans, not as much as the strange cat from California that was always playing with boards in the water pond. That cat hated humans. No, the Serval was just different; he had great stories and had seemed to have lived several lifetimes to collect all these stories. Few knew his name and most just called him Nobody. Nobody was as much a good nickname as bad. Nobody is full of shit. Nobody could do all that. Nobody is that lucky. It depended on the side you were on. Perhaps that is why they thought he was dangerous. 

On this night Nobody came into the old fridge where Gypsy lay bleeding and dragged his extended claws down the steel back of the fridge. SKKKKRRREECCCCHHHHH!

The noise caused all the cats to go silent, and many fluffed into larger versions of themselves in a defense reaction.  Even Gypsy stopped crying, but not bleeding. 

“Go to the noisy room where the weird hairless cat lives and get one of the glowing hot rocks. Get a big one and make it quickly back here.” The green and blue eyed Serval hissed as he placed two paws on the end of Gypsy’s tail. 

Gypsy hissed and passed out from the pain.  “Good, She won’t want to be awake for the next part.” The Serval spat to no one in particular and everyone. 

The minutes stretched by and soon, a ring of cats were outside the fridge all straining for a look. The one that had always been had climbed out of his previous owners white Chevy van to see what was going on. He had been the pet of the junkyard’s owner and when the humans all bled out and died the place had become his. He didn’t want it and it was a pain to decide who could stay and who must leave it was his sandbox. He needed their help, and he liked the place with friends deciding which cat was good for the group and who were not was a constant challenge. He was just a regular cat, he tried his best, and made mistakes but he got smart and asked other cats to help him. Yet sharing the work is never the same as sharing the responsibility. 

The Texan cat and her kitten arrived with the hot rock placed on a special hat made of tinfoil that the weird cat had spent months making. He had claimed it had a special purpose, immensely important and required many of the other cats to hunt for scraps of this thin shiny metal. None of the cats understood what he was meowing on about but they found the scraps and brought it to his home in the noisy place. At night you could see his hairless body next to the fires folding and working himself into a sweat building the important hat. A hat needed for a special purpose, a critical purpose, and one he couldn’t say more about but stay tuned. 

Tonight, it turned out was that special purpose and night. Texas cat’s little kitten wasn’t really a kitten. It was a munchkin cat. A genetic aberration that made the cat have short legs and stay kitten looking. They were always together and the Texas cat was well known to be able to get stuff moved from one place to another and together they were the best in the business. She was also quick to respond and fast to act.  

The Serval swatted the hat and glowing red rock into the fridge. His fur burned and his paw flesh hissed and all the other cats could smell his skin burn. Instinctively they recoiled, and some licked their paws. He scooped up Gypsy’s tail in his mouth and moved it to the hot rock. 

“No! Someone meowed from the crowd, you’re bad, your dangerous, you don’t know what you’re doing you'll kill her!!! The pain will kill her. You’re a torturing cat you like to torture other cats. Ban him. Stop him!! He will torture all of us he is the Devil. The Devil has come to the Junk Yard!!” The new nut less Orange tabby named Smear stood on his hind legs and jumped up and down to attract all the attention he could. Many paid attention, even the One that had always been here. They gave their attention to the loud squawking cat and not to the injured Gypsy. 

“I have seen this done in emergencies on humans! Nobody’s correct it will stop the bleeding!” Meowed the Russian blue cat named “Pointy Shoe John”. He got the name because he slept in the ruby slipper used in the film the Wizard Of Oz. He had taken it from his owner who was a carpenter for the movie industry in San Francisco. 

STOP! AARRGH I MEAN MEEN LET HIM CONTINUE!!! Boomed the weird hairless cat over his Marshal PA system. Before adding;  “Wow, give me the frozen ball award, I am too far away from the fire.”

 “Tell me how this is going to do anything but hurt poor Gypsy asked the One.” Moved by the drama cat. 

The Serval glared at the one, hurt that he didn’t trust him. Angered for thinking he would do something to hurt the cat collective.  He simply smiled and hissed past Gypsy’s tail and drove it onto the hot rock. Gypsy mewled a little in her sleep and the wound stopped bleeding. 

Nobody leaped out of the fridge and over the gathered circle of cats. His shadow passed over Smear and that was enough for Smear. The light in his eyes went out and he dropped into the mud. Nobody continued up the destroyed cars and into the crane base. The big dark shape climbed up to the crane’s control room and if you looked hard, you would have seen a limp from the severally scorched paw. But, no matter how hard you looked, you could not see the loss he felt. 

Few of the Junkyard cats looked long or hard enough as they were all focused on the Smear in the mud. What had happened?  He had just dropped over dead? No one even ever got close to him. Who is to blame? Who is a fault? Who’s right and wrong? The drama would continue like fog caught in a swirling cold wind. As the mud absorbed the cat called Smear, no one saw the smile. 

  “Look Grey Gunny these spade connectors go in like this.” Instructed Jimmy the Tail. Jimmy was from Denver and famous for being both Jim and from Denver. Here they called the fluffy Himalayan cat Jimmy the Tail because he had an incredibly long and gorgeous tail.

“I can get these spade connector extensions from Harbor Freight for cheaper and they work better and…” Jimmy the Tail cut off Grey Gunny’s protest. “We haven’t got the time. We need the lights on tonight, the connection relay will allow the sun to charge the batteries and then Cammy the cuddlier will make those special cookies everyone likes. 

“SSHH!! Don’t say that out loud she hates being called Cammy and she frightens me” Hissed Grey Gunny. “I better get going. Hey, I am not going to make it for the cookies am I?” 

“Cat drool is slightly less salty than human but at 4.7 salt content 230 volts and 89 amps your heads going to pop like a balloon on the hot sand.” Meowed the wet Californian surf cat. “But on the positive side, you won’t feel a thing.”

“Mine is but to do or die. Always saving you cats. Remember me when you eat those cookies.” The old brave Grey Gunny walked out into the darkness and into the breach once more. 

The lights flicker followed the bang that woke everyone later that dark night. The light made the Junk Yard safe and reminded everyone what the place meant and what it is worth. 
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That's really great! I don't get all the references, but that doesn't ruin the story at all.
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Whew. You are here!
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Great short story. I couldn't tell who everyone was either but got most.

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The Lone Storyteller rides again.

Great one too , I bet he didn't get to smile like that much at his last place before the camper !!!!
Stay Tuned

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The Junk YARC Award goes to.............Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
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Now that is an excellent example of word evisceration and anthropomorphism on the fly.  

Nice cast of strange characters, with excellent illustration of the folly of doubting nobody.   Wink

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Glad it was enjoyed.
As always your Bard.

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