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Gas prices
They got all the top mongrels out on every channel salivating
In the 1970s when gas prices first spiked, was supposedly due to a "shortage".

One of my father's ham radio friends was a radio man on a tanker (I think it was the Chevron Mississippi) a bit after it started.  He said there wasn't any shortage at all, they just decided to raise the price.  The oil companies held the loaded tankers off the western U.S. coast, beyond line-of-sight.  Then they would send one tanker at a time, making it look like they were having trouble getting them there.
a monster profit game I can't play
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  • GotSmart (06-21-2019)
So sad. I remember waiting in those lines in the 1970's, to get gas... back when it was still about 35 cents a gallon. Or was I imagining that?
I do remember 5 gallons per car limit and long lines, price cant remember LOL
Travelaround, you must be younger than me.  I remember 26 cents; I could usually only get 18-19 cents worth into my 50cc motorcycle tank.
remember big block engines with two four barrel carbs getting 5mpg?
modern gm 5.3 engines have higher performance and up to 20mpg
I have seen gas as low as $0.14 usually $0.19 and $0.24 for ethyl at that time. On a trip back home to Iowa to see my grandparents with my parents was when we ran across the cheap one. My dad had to turn around and go back.

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Just pups, the lot of ya. I remember Ford replacing my Model A with a Model T that got around 20mpg if you drove it right. It cost about a buck to fill the whole tank! Ah, memories. I named her "Sin Lizzy". They were really expensive at the time, but me and Henry went way back so I got a deal. He was pretty young when we met in Detroit. I was running with the Crips back then and he showed me a better way. He was really good at fixing watches and I was pretty good at being a delinquent. We partnered up. I acquired the watches and he fixed and polished them up. Made a pretty good living. We drifted apart when I developed a ecstasy drug problem. He wasn't a touchy feely kind of guy, also he seemed to have a problem with Jewish people that I didn't understand.
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  • Cammalu (06-21-2019)
DAMMMMnnnn Wabbit… mom was born 1928 and is now 91. She is spry but heck you must be knocking on her door if you are talking A and Ts

the Crips, way way way way way back then? heehee
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  • Wabbit (06-21-2019)

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