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Dust Storm ,,,whaddaya doooooooooooo ?
If you're driving , get OFF the road.

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Stay Tuned

Weirdo Overlord  YARC 
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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
(06-13-2019, 02:42 AM)rvpopeye Wrote: If you're driving , get OFF the road.

Everything okay? Is your rig okay? And you?
Get waaay off the road.  And turn the A/C to recirculate
Carry a RZ mask. (or an equivalent)
I doubt that you can keep dust out of a vehicle. Keep it out of your lungs.

Then some idiots can complain to a RV park manager that you look like Darth Vader. This has actually happened to me. Why not Bain?

They'd rather I wear my keffiyeh?
A lot of the same things as in a blizzard or fog in many respects.
After getting off the road , turn your lights OFF. Somebody is sure to see them and follow them right into you.

Even the cheap dust masks are better than nothing or even an old T shirt in a pinch.

After driving even a short distance in a storm , an air filter (at minimum take it out and vacc ) I carried a spare,,,or 2 and checked them every month.
More frequent oil+filter changes too.

There are aftermarket filters for Fantastic fan vents.

Occasionally rinse out your radiator...externally.

No dust STORM but an ongoing constant dusting .
It took me a year to get out all the fine dust after my 7 months in Death Valley.
In the vent fans , air conditioner , window seals , under the hood , INSIDE my cabinets and drawers ,inside the oven ,,,in the trunk and even in plastic tubs . About the only thing that stayed dust free was the shower !
(I used a lot of gaffer's tape (no residue duct tape) on the openings)

Then there's Valley Fever !!!!
Stay Tuned

Weirdo Overlord  YARC 
15 "Stinkin'Badges"  a "Full Monty Badge" 2 "Just Ignore Me" clusters  10 "Pine Cone" clusters  , one "Stinkin' Badger" and 7 of the coveted "Flying Manure Spreader"awards
(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
Valley Fever. Hmm, I may have encountered that within my first couple of months in Amargosa Valley. I arrived right after hurricane Patricia ripped through the area. Amargosa Valley had been flooded with run off from the surrounding mountains. Some of which included Yucca mountain and the higher ground of the Nevada Test Site across US-95. There used to be a warning sign at the Amargosa entrance to the NTS that advised that small children and pets were not to exit a vehicle. I thought what do small children have in common with pets? Ran through the comedy stuff, the arrived at that both are lower to the ground than an average teenager/adult. Meaning the dust on the ground may (is?) be toxic. That sign has since been removed from that gate.

It's why I bought the RZ mask when I saw it at the Kawasaki dealer in Pahrump. I was going through the all the different cheaper disposable one time filters. I would get symptoms from accumulated dust in the van's air vents. SOP became open the windows, winter or summer, wearing a dust mask, and turn the vents to max to blow the dust out. Rinsing the vents along the front cowl helps.

The first time it nearly killed me. I had all the symptoms except for the rash. Took care of it on my own. I was feverish and having chills simultaneously. Confused delirium is not as cool as it sounds. I thought I was hot, from the fever, and took layers off, meanwhile I was going into hypothermia. Drove to Vegas and checked into a hotel room with a hot tub for three days, two nights. Shaking for the first 45 minutes to Vegas until the van got hot enough to warm me.

Now whenever I feel hot in the winter, I always check the indoor temp before removing a layer.

I have had two more recurrences and I was able to realize what was happening before it got that serious.
SOP is to turn the electric heat up to 80+ and run a humidifier (I do anyway) until the symptoms subside. That's why I won't boondock in the winter.

That's also why I will wear a RZ mask, even if somebody thinks I am being rude or whatever it is that they think, whenever the wind is blowing dust. I wear the mask when I am driving in a vehicle and on my motorcycle. In the vehicles with the mask and my over the ears hearing protector, makes me look like a WW2 bomber crew member. It's not so noticeable with a full face helmet.

To deep clean the Tioga, I bought a wet dry vac and the extra fine filters and collector bags for dust. And wore a mask and gloves. The darn thing has carpet!!

If I decide to do something about the carpet I will create a thread.
Start hoovering right away and have extra bags available, they will fill up fast Smile
Carpeting is just a large filth and dust magnet, IMO.

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