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On a roll...grrrr
good time for an extra GGrrrrr….damn bills rack up fast Sad ow
hope is fixed great for ya tho!
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  • Wabbit (06-15-2019)
Took the car in again this morning for them to swap out a front wheel hub. They weren't able to get it done. The owner then tells me he won't work on the vehicle anymore and that it's undrivable and unsafe. He just finished doing $681 worth of work on Friday. Do I have any legal recourse with this guy? I took it in for a slow brake fluid drip. Had to top off brake fluid every week or so. Now the engine light is on, he said the computer went bad(coincidence he says), and the car is undrivable but it's the same vehicle he worked on last week after telling me I couldn't leave with it unless I signed paperwork or had the brake work done. I did what he recommended and now I'm out $681. I'm out of sorts here, but if any of this makes sense, and you have some ideas...let's hear em.
Stay Tuned

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Call the cops and see what they say.
Just got off the phone with my CC company. I'm disputing the labor charges and eating the parts cost. I guess I'll find out what he says when they contact him. Dudes an ass who kept saying, "I was in the military" like that means he wouldn't screw me over. Friday night the car was fine for him to work on, even this morning he tried to do the job and nothing was said about the car being junk. It only went to junk status after he couldn't get a ball joint loose. He even refused to document the crap he did this morning other than he bled the brakes. He was supposed to do that last Friday. Grrrr!

This whole thing should have cost $75 and ended last week when he should have said the car was junk. He charged me $75 to look at vehicle to see if repairs were worth it. He said if I did the repairs, then that $75 went into that. He stated I had to do repairs last week($681) Friday afternoon and then on monday(today) it somehow went to not worth it to fix after I paid him $681.

Tomorrow I make BBB complaint and write some reviews.
Also contact the Dept  of Motor Vehicle complaint division.

Being in the military doesn't mean anything -- my former BIL was, and he will shaft anyone within reach.  You're not in Henderson, NV, are you?
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  • Wabbit (06-17-2019)
Nah, Kingman, Az. Place called Tophers. The reviews looked good, but there were a few reviews that should have raised an alarm. I'm thinking his reviews are padded.
You are the victim of a common auto repair scheme. Whatever state you are in has a department ( not DMV ) to handle these complaints. Go to any state office and ask for contact info for auto repair fraud. The mechanic also has a bond in order to be in business. The department of insurance will tell you who his bonding company is. File on his bond if he doesn't make you happy and the bonding company has to pay you his bond is cancelled and he's out of business. You might give him a call and tell him about his bond and what you are going to do if he doesn't reimburse you. If he's at all smart he will start writing a check. If you have any questions about this procedure PM me I'll get my ph # to you and walk you through it. It's quite simple.
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  • Wabbit (06-18-2019), GotSmart (06-18-2019), weigh2ez (06-18-2019)
I tried talking to him this afternoon. He was not receptive. Raised his voice like I was the one who was trying to pull something over on him. Called my minivan a piece of crap, a turd, and some other lame stuff. I got him to at least document the vehicle was there, but he wouldn't put anything on the invoice about any work he did on the wheel hub. Then he asked me to sign it, I just told him no I wasn't signing crap if he didn't document what he was doing with the wheel hub. I'm calmer about it now, just gonna file the complaints and keep my cool.
This kind of s--- angers me. You have resources, I am one. I will help you any way I can. You might be surprised, this isn't over.
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  • Wabbit (06-18-2019)

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