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Family in Schoolie makes the big time
This on today's national (online) newsfeed:
Headline - Family happier than ever living in bus, traveling US, after leaving corporate America

"This adventurous family has dropped out of the rat race - to live in an eco-friendly school bus.

Derek Cobia, 33, and his wife Amy, 32, say their lives once revolved around mortgage payments and filling their four-bedroom home with things they didn’t need. Now their days are spent on the open road with their three-year-old daughter Payson - visiting 33 US states in the last 18 months."

[Image: 2a06b557-c.jpg?ve=1&tl=1]

End of article quote

I had read about them and seen a YT vid about their schoolie conversion some months ago. Nice to see some favorable press.


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