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some people deserve to be mocked
will most likely delete this thread after all the mocking but had to be done

with dave2d comedic commentary

original video

for those that dont want to watch,they spent over 100K building out a van
Nunquam Non Paratus
Budgets are highly subjective. What one needs may not be the same as you. I just cant believe anyone who says batteries arent $10k

Lol...i crack me up
The mocking is absolutely necessary.  

Now that they have their van maybe they can get by on $500 per month, plus interest.
Say good night, Dick.
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  • Snikwahjm (06-06-2019), Texjbird (06-08-2019)
Impossible. Their boondocking permit costs that alone.
i smell trust fund babies
I think the kicker was the admission that they're making payments on the van and paying interest. So is all the rest on credit cards? Scary. If so by the time they get done paying for it - the cost will be more like $400,000. Maybe more.
I think we have all been hoaxed.
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  • Snikwahjm (06-07-2019)
And a year from now, we shall probably see a video about how they can't stand living in a van.  Oh, well... it's not my money.
Maybe they think their YouTube channel will pay for everything? Well, I don't want to mock them, but wish them the best in their traveling adventure. I really don't understand why they would put a video like that on the web, though... sometimes less said about finances is better.

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