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My parents bought an old Holiday Rambler fold top camping trailer back in the 1960s. It was very basic. The top folded out to make two full sized beds.  The sides popped up with a couple aluminum bars to hold it all up.  There was a screen door and a couple zip windows. The top was made from the old green canvas treated with canvac. That was it. But it was better than the old tent... My mom loved to camp. She had the brunt of making everything work.  Every year she inspected that canvas and sewed up any places that needed repairs. She tried a lot of different things for cooking. After a camp fire in the Black Hills mom wrapped a chicken in foil and a coffee can and buried it in the ashes. We had chicken for lunch the next day. Mom made her own cook box out of cardboard. It had some wood to frame it doors were hinged and the cardboard was varnished. She was always coming up with camping hacks. After all us kids moved out they camped in a tent until they were in their 80s. The last time they went the tent leaked and blew around. That was likely before Mom had serious dementia problems. Mom neatly tucked away all the camping gear in totes and put them under the bed. She would not let me get rid of any of it. She thought she might camp... now I wish I had taken pictures of her gear. All of it was pretty old. The tent was a new... well she said it was... nylon tent and was a good one when they got it. I set it up in the yard and the kids had a good time finishing it off.
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When did you start camping? Was it in a tent? Camper? Open air? RV? Van? I was 9 months old when my parents traveled from Oregon to Wisconsin. We slept in the studebaker. No car seat. I slept on the seat. Flew off onto the dash when we went down a mountain and hit the brakes. Probably why I ain’t quite all there.
We used to travel back to Iowa from Texas every year to visit family. We moved to Texas from there. My dad would pack up the car when he got home from work on Friday afternoon and he would drive all night to get there. It was about a 650 mile drive and this was way before the interstates. My sleeping spot (as I was the youngest of 4 kids) was the package shelf behind the back seat. I slept good there.

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I had a Chevy Vega wagon that I went camping in with my first wife and her daughter.  I wrapped some meat and potatoes in foil and stuck it on the exhaust manifold at the start of the trip.  That was my start of car camping back in 1978.  

Thanks for bringing up that old memory.
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old fun memories Smile love it

tent in backyard. my brother wanted a tent for Christmas and he got one. Dad set it up way in the back of the yard. made us a small fire pit. became 'kid central' in the neighborhood. lasted a very long time actually, bought a few cots, got flashlights and all for our big wild adventures in the backyard. Took some hits from throwing sparklers around and a few landed on the roof of the tent LOL but other than that us kids took care of our private tent home. Many great memories from that and our friends.

old station wagon. loved that thing. lie in the back, window down and our feet out the window. crawling over the seats free as a bird. no one ever died Smile can't do that nowadays. the old truck, kids packed into the bed of the truck, driving around having a blast....can't do that much nowadays either.

good old days.
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My sister and I rigged a tent in the back yard. We had the clothes line and some sheets. One night we slept in it. No rain but there was a lot of dew. I woke up in the morning and looked at my sister. Ants were crawling in and out of her mouth. She was just snoring away. Learned not to eat in the tent ever again.
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omg Snik that is just crazy LOL

luckily Dad was a marine and he bought a big old heavy canvas tent built to last. He knew his canvas equip very well and that stupid tent was a big old stand in and huge to us kids and fit cots.....needless to say we killed the grass under it for many years Smile Gotta say tho in the end the mold was happening as it standed for so long and by the time it did come down us kids were more into other life things--wink

Your poor is just rough!

I ventured into a big old '3' room tent when hubby and I camped and pulled our big 20' Lund boat for fishing. After monster T storm and everything flooded we said TRUCK CAMPER and pull our boat. As much as I loved our tenting, I gotta say the up off the ground into the TC was fab. Loved that TC!
Hey Snick
Did you ever tell her about the ants ?
Stay Tuned

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hey ants are real food in many cultures LOL so she was eating exotic Smile but yea I want to know also!
Heck yes when I woke her up brushing the ants off me...

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