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Grew up in a camping family, we used to camp at the beach on Cape Cod just a few miles from home. As the military moved us all over it’s how we saw the sights and took vacations. We camped everywhere from the deserts of Arizona to the mountains in Austria to the beaches in Greece; big canvas tent, military surplus sleeping bags, all crammed into whatever van/car my folks had.
Started at toddler age in a canvas tent that could also be rigged onto a station wagon. (god, I miss that tent..)
It seemingly defied physics by only using the 2 poles to hold the entire 8x8 tent off the ground. Which, oddly, made it quite wind resistant as well...

Then a Shasta class C -- so many childhood memories and stories.. camping with mother and grandmother.. Ever bathe a dog in a motor home sink? Mt St Helens eruption. Not drowning in the ocean..
That was replaced by a truck/camper - not as palatial, but still Great!

Then, in my own adulthood, more tents (one of them, the original childhood canvas tent.. until it finally just died..)
SCA eventing in that same tent, and a couple varieties of pavilion (event specific era housing)

Then.. well, you kind of know the rest..
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I built a lot of re-enacting tents. I looked at the ones we spent a bunch of money on and decided I could do as well. I studied a lot about tents... I get absorbed some times... we camped a lot with the re-enacting folk. A lot of the people we camped with are dead now. It got harder and harder to carry stuff out of the van and set it up then have to take it all down. I love camping in a van.
I didn't start camping until Boy Scouts. The very first campout I went on, my eggs froze. Ever tried to cook a frozen egg in a thin aluminum pan in the cold outdoors? Needless to say, I didn't have breakfast. These were old military canvas pup tents without floors.

Stayed in until I found all the good stuff, fast cars, fast women, booze, etc.

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I remember sleeping on the package shelf too.  Went to a church camp one time with my dad and we slept on a bag of straw; man was that comfortable.
unpredictability in weather while in a tent and the 'set up' & 'breakdown' of camp always annoyed me to no end. Just was a lot of work it seemed, lugging equip, totes etc. and all. So when we went into a TC it was fab. It was set up, just get in it and enjoy it. Never went back to tent and never will. Hard sides and more permanence is what I like.
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