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Going outside and....
surf/ocean fishing dude. my hubby is an ocean fisherman also, I don't do it.
he caught nearly 5 ft shark one day, too much for this old gal to handle Smile

I can easily take anything off a hook that I catch in a lake, river etc.
In the ocean, omg you never know what will be on the end of that hook!

we kayak fish in the sound sometimes and I barely fish, my line is more out of the water than in cause if I hit onto something huge in a kayak I am scared to death to see what it is or bring it to the boat HAHA

he catches a lot of those sting rays also. I don't mind those so much.

crab, yum!!
Never been a fisher, don’t want to bait a hook and certainly don’t want to pull something off one. Add to that I have zero knowledge (or desire to learn) of how you go from whole swimming fish to filet doused in lime butter on a plate.   Big Grin
HA HA you had me cracking up Queen!!

slimey is the worst of it all.
bait is slimey and what comes in on the line is slimey but the experience of fighting a good fight on the end of that line is thrilling LOL

lime butter, yum!!
Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh
Thx for the views from the not so nautical mind.

You guys do know bait doesn't have to be slimy ,,, rubber , metal , even wood make some good lures.
The Stripers I caught a couple days ago bit on a rubber shad.

I've had good luck using the whole small fish I just caught back in the water as bait for a big one.

Drumsticks or chicken necks are great for crabs ...(forget lobster , the fines make it much more expensive than the finest restaurant a thousand miles from the ocean......)

The shark and bluefish can be a bit tricky to get off the hook ! A big stick usually solves that problem.....

If you go wading at tide out fishing lures (and live bait) is free.
Crab traps are cheap.$3-10$ for the simple ones .
Stay Tuned

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of course I know, I do know that lures are around, used many of them LOL you be thinking I am a fish newbie, no way Jose, I ain't HAHA You come take a gander at our tackle boxes, you be jealous I bet Smile

thing is for ocean it seems they love live bait more, or at least thru our years of fishing it seems the real bait has caught way more than shiney metal.....but my little rubber worm has caught a ton more big mouth bass then real bait.

we did crab the old way....chicken leg on a string. We would pull up and those suckers would drop off and us kids had a blast doing that. Some got into the net fast when we swooped quick, a lot dropped off to live another day!!

when living up North, we would cross country ski around frozen lakes. omg the lures in the trees! We would collect so many fine lures on our expeditions. I was amazed how many would just leave that lure in the tree cause the water was there and they weren't willing to go full blast into a recovery for it, but my Dad said, hey kids get your skis on and away we went getting a tackle box full of fine lures off those trees....ahh the memories Smile
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BlanchI was looking at the senior apartments in Quartzsite. I really liked that they had a pool. I’m going to have to land somewhere eventually, I don’t seem to be getting any younger.

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You aren't that old yet. Now me, I left Sun City Az to come out to NC so I already qualify...
If my body is ever found on a jogging trail, I was murdered somewhere else and dumped there. I don’t frequent such parts of town. 
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