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GRRRR Censorship.
Stern is on to something about cross forum thread migration.
Although there may be some members here that never visited over there that might have these same questions.
At one time or another it's something that many people think about.

Choosing a set amount is pointless , life doesn't fit in a box.
Not only is everybody going to spend different amounts than someone else every month ,
every month is probably going to be different on top of that .

So , it's been talked about for a bit.

Keep the thread going ?
Keep and Lock it ?
Delete it ?
Argue about this too ?
(lets see options like THAT on the other place ...)

There is something that I think could be said about most people.
This lifestyle is going to cost less to live than a conventional lifestyle.............maybe.
The End.
That's really all it is.
Stay Tuned

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You keep it going and leave it alone. Anyone who complains about it needs to directed to not look at it. The lamest thing possible is to get in a thread and bitch about the thread.
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  • Texjbird (05-26-2019)
IMHO, this has served its purpose. 

It is becoming a vehicle for insults and anger, and serves no useful purpose. 

PS, the peace sign indicates a moderator.
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i get off on petty arguments
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I think its immensity entertaining and a very important subject.

the reason this forum was started was to get away from that crap,any further threads will be deleted and a pm sent
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made a split thread,can you live off of $500,you will find those post there
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