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GRRRR Censorship.
I think that we need a new rule here. 


His cat box, his rules. Not my monkeys.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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I’ve been over moderated before but not on this kind of forum. What some of us did was create our own forum. It is very successful now and a whole lot more fun place. The old forum got so over moderated that even though it is huge the part of it that we left is nearly gone now. At least what is left is a shell of what it once was. I think it hurt them in the pocket book. The new forum has its growing pains but it is a lot better to hang around. Yes some moderating is good, over moderating is pretty self destructing. I wonder if it is the BB company telling them how to moderate or is it over zealous owners? Who owns it? Is it owned by an individual? Was it sold to a corporation?
Ok. I did some quick detective work...

Here is what was I lifted from the bottom of cheap RV living page:

“ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

So my guess is it is being controlled and moderated by the advertising program in some way to appease the advertisers.
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  • TWIH (05-25-2019)
thing is I have been over moderated cause I got flack from others and I gave flack to others Smile Smile

now for me, reason I love this little part of the world on this forum, we don't chat the stupid crap anymore.
The....I know for a fact!....the, I am an expert and no one else has a clue!....all the nasty crap that goes down on forums. Everyone can't be wrong can we? HAHA

I have run from tons of forums. Done. Can't stand them, leave it to the young'uns now....they can maybe handle it, I for one have opted out of the BS of it all, geez, guess what, I learned to live my life in person other than online Smile cool
you know why do we even have a 'warning level' here? just wondering LOL
I see it yet I can't see others warning levels?? hmm....
You're the only one that sees yours , ceptin' us mods.
Same for everybody , and no , it's not used if at all here.

The honor system seems to be enough , for us................
(our simple policy of Don't Be A Jerk is functioning here !)

IMO , their problem is trying to get as many members as possible to boost their income , herding cats as GS says....

Very little moderation is software controlled on either forum , just spam.
And we still have to do it manually too.
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
Don't be a Jerk is always solid advice! Anywhere in life Smile
Sorry, I was in a mood, I’m moody as hell lately. Catch me when I’m all sunshine and butterflies and this stuff doesn’t bother me.

I was on a forum for the autoimmune disease I have and it was wonderful. Then the owner sold the content and control to a drug company. After that any mention of any non pharmaceutical was banned, even OTC creams and ointments. Just big pharma drug talk was allowed. Once smart people figured out what was going on it became a ghost town. It was pretty sad to see as I was very sick and really leaned on my online buddies. But hey- that’s capitalism!

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  • Texjbird (05-25-2019)

         MY  Heart  IS GOOD....BUT OH THIS MOUTH
More crap, from over there, brought here, again. and the useless bickering begins.

if I were a mod, thats what I would censor. Trans forum threads.

'Over on the other forum, so and so said/did/postulated.....' whine whinge complain.....

Delete, STFU, keep it over there. and/or, AMF! The A being adios, mf should not be hard to figure out.

Which is why i'll never be asked to be a mod.
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