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Good Morning!
rain rain go away---nah it is hanging around, I can't control it HA

easy day
washing sheets and bed crap and doing all the usual BS chores we all deal with Smile but it is cool, I am in a good mood except for a darn sinus headache still lingering, but crap, I live with allergy type issues all the time farming so....just soldier on of course!

Nothing exciting here. I did notice tho that like 1/2 the grocery store was wiped out the other day? What the hell is going on with restocking and all? We finally get the effects of covid company shut downs and more where product isn't shipping? oh well, no biggie cause I don't buy like 99% of the shit in grocery stores but I noticed big voids on the shelves.....crazy times I guess?
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I went grocery shopping early this morning. Most shelves were well stocked except some of the frozen breakfast shelves. I normally do the pickups, but getting a time for pickup is getting harder here. The times are filling up a week in advance--and they only schedule a week out.

Daughter and grandson are doing fine. Daughter still has a bit of congestion, but otherwise ok. Being bored is her No. 1 complaint. Grandson has just been enjoying his mini vacation since he's felt perfectly fine since about Day 4. Grandson can go back to school on Monday and will not be required to quarentine if exposed to Covid for 90 days. Daughter is ready to go back to work. Losing 2 weeks pay will be painful.
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Oh yeah, heading to Livingston for a week tomorrow. I requested a different area of Rainbow's End; hoping I enjoy it more. We will see. Main reason for going though is to get the slide looked at/fixed. The local shop here is booked until November.
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SKP HQ ! Hug City..
Stay Tuned

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(10 hours ago)rvpopeye Wrote: SKP HQ !  Hug City..

It was not hug city in February. But to be fair, I think it was too cold and everyone was staying inside. Are you sure it wasn't single ladies wanting to get close to the Popeye? lol

I did have a family (couple with two young children) come knock on the door to deliver a valentine on Valentine's Day. That was pretty stinking cute.

I asked to stay at "the Oaks" part this time. It's supposed to be the newer area and a little bit more room. I'll know tomorrow.
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