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I need to blow town
(05-21-2019, 08:51 PM)waldenbound Wrote: Kaylee,
Hang on, you got an idea there. Where do you live?
I wanted to do a Little House on the Prairie tour. Going to see the Laura Ingalls wilder spots. Have to be next summer though. I got to get back to Texas in the fall and be a Winter Texan, in the Deep South. Then meeting a friend for Big Bend. After that, I want to visit S Dakota (DeSmet), Walnut Grove (Minnesota), Springfield, Missouri.

I'm a Nomad, I live where I'm at...
Resistance was Futile! Wink

Right now, I'm on the border between northern WI & MI, center of WI (roughly due north from Rhinelander, where the closest Walmart, Aldi, TacoBell are).
I can go back and forth between the NationalForests, and stay indefinitely, but I'll probably drift to the mountains when it gets too hot and/or the bugs beat my butt.

Woah, awesome idea for a Little House tour!!! Smile
I read (and reread) all the books as a kid, and have often passed road markers referencing some important LH landmark, and been tempted to investigate. Smile

Ah, Texas! What NorthAmerican birders consider Mecca. Smile
A quarter century ago, when I switched to contract IT work, any gig in Texas was top of my list. I've lost track of the number of recruiters to whom I've explained that I would love to relocate to Texas, cuz I'm a birder (they rarely get it, cuz pimps have no souls).
In all that time, every single time I've had a solid lead or offer on a gig in Texas, it's fallen thru at the very last moment. #deep-sigh
I call this my "Texas Curse".
I hope to break that, once I'm financially back on my feet, and it's cool down there. Smile

P.S. When I returned from my Away Mission in the Mark Twain NF, I did StLouis around midnight, and it was easy! Smile
About 4 years ago, I did a work trip to Memphis TN, and decided to arrive around midnight to beat the traffic.
Epic Fail.
If you're put off by StLouis traffic, be very wary of Memphis.
"Cause how you get there is the worthier part." Shephard Book to Kaylee, Firefly
[Image: dobby.png]

2019-Dec update:
I've escaped Winter!
St. Louis wasn’t bad early on a Sunday morning.

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