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Utility Trailer Questions
The condo is burning me up; there's a guy from HI buying up all the units to rent, and now he's gotten his company's VP (from HI) to buy a unit (more votes on the board). So, selling and hitting the road is sounding better all the time.

The van works fine- I'd like

something that I can insulate. A cargo trailer seems simplest, and you don't have to drag your house with you, if you want to go to town. I also like that they're super secure, and nobody would think someones living in it.

Can you get a normal type latch door, instead of semi- door latches? no need for rear doors. I'd like to have small windows up high so passersby couldn't look in, then have a side or two open for boondocking.

I know everyone would suggest tandem, but I don't want the added weight or expense.

Anyone know if someone sells something like this?

And inexpensive, too, of course.
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craigslist,some have normal side door so you can board up the rears,windows are easy to add
To pull behind your caravan?
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Yes most cargo trailers can be ordered with an RV latch on the side door instead of the standard bar-lock. Some dealers stock them that way.

And again, most can be ordered with no rear door at all, if you really want that, but keep in mind it might cost more, and you should have at least one safety exit window, so the cost goes up again for that.

If I was ordering one to convert into living quarters, I would opt for double 'barn doors' at the back and then install an insulated  bulkhead wall about 2-3 feet ahead of it with shelves and storage area. Of course this means less living space inside, but if the trailer is 14-16 feet long, that still leaves a fair amount of room.
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Colorado trailers has a ton. I like the off-road editions but that's me. Colorado I just like listening to her voice of the videos. I think that might be weird. How do you like the barn door set up but I think I'll go with the patio just makes loading so much easier. Place in Canada actually will reverse the door so it's like a big overhead awning. They install the easy doors with the latch for the side. But remember make sure you can lock it open not just lock it closed
Ok, 'Bar-lock.' Seems like a good way to get locked inside.

Colorado trailers was interesting- Interstate has a retailer here, so between the two That's all I've seen.
Of course, I want the one they don't make.

Other option is to weld something onto a flat bed, but 1) I'm lazy, and 2) my weld skills it'd turn into a flatbed again at 65MPH. But utility trailer structure is pretty darn simple.

What do you think, though, of putting like a 45 at top and having small oval windows? People can't see in, doesn't look tooo weird, and there'd always be some light. Panel space would get taken up.

And I'm the last person who quotes BW, but recall he had one, liked it, but got rid of it because it made things too complex. So I wonder about that
Sometimes dweller in 237k miles '07 Grand C-van w/ a solar powered fridge and not much else
One person's complex may be easy peasy to the next.
stay tuned 

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(04-23-2019, 02:37 PM)MN C Van Wrote: Ok, 'Bar-lock.' Seems like a good way to get locked inside.

I added a chain and D-ring to mine on the outside. I can lock the bar-lock in the open position and it also works as a grab handle. Of course I also installed a regular door handle and latch.
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