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Roof antenna and service review
So recently I got a class C and fornthe first time got a hotspot. Previously it was just my phone. And since I see few to no reviews I thought I should post. OTR mobile and a nighthawk MR1100. true unlimited ATT $60. Had it for a bit now and ran over 200 gigs no prob. 

So I cringed at a Weboost. Thats why I went with the MR1100. It has dual (LTE) antenna ports. I wanted to try a passive antenna setup first. I got the white triangle directional everyone uses for $30 on amazon. 9dbi. 

Then I struggled with mounting or using a boom pole. I didnt like the idea of setup all the time and I seen a guy make a bracket for his old winegard mast. But they had to lose the antenna. Which i really wanted to keep. So I made a few drawings and scratched my head a bunch and came up with a solution i thought was pretty clever. 

I should note i generally am getting about 20dbi gain (3 bars) from the passive setup. With this syatem I never need to do more than wind the crank and spin to the nearest tower.

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