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LiFePo4 battery users
Yeah....I can't afford a RED right now, they are a bit pricey for me at the moment.

I do have a question, though. Should I put a battery cut off switch before or after the fuse?
Disclaimer: This is a hobby , I have put in the hours with the proper people but the license is expensive to maintain . So .. I'm just posting what I'd do , if anybody wants to copy me , that's on you.
(and NEVER forget I yam the Weirdo Overlord and possibly an alien sent to prove right "Ain't Right" so , should you even think of copying me in the first place ?)

I assume you mean at the battery not between the battery and controller...
I'd put it at the battery ground post. That would leave the least amount possible still live. Protecting all the way to whatever device is being powered..
Then disaster fuse , shunt , system ground buss in or next to the fuse box for your house circuits.
On the battery / controller wire ? again , as close to the battery as possible.

Thx for making me think about that , reminded me to remove the chassis ground on mine . I'm not going to parallel the LI up with the LA starter battery and alternator anymore . Going to try all solar charging with Mr.Red on BU as always. Helloo Wilbur !

Need a hydraulic crimper but expensive for a decent one that does bigger than 2ga.. I've been using the crap one at my auto parts place . I got all my switches ,fuses, lugs , heat shrink and 10 ,8 ,6+2 ga plus some Anderson SB 50s there too so I have tool access.
stay tuned 

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There are generators that are honda clones available that cost far less. I've seen some happy users , but don't remember which brand was considered the best. predator was one and think it was from the orange depot or low blue..iirc.. probably tractor mart and wally's (and amma-zone too) , they have just about everything online. Someone out at pirate yarcamp might know/remember more .
stay tuned 

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One quick comment on voltage for LiFePo4 batteries. It is not possible to determine the sate of full based on the voltage. It will sit at 13.1 for a long time …from about 80% down to about 60%. You cannot tell nything until it starts yo drop below that. A battery monitor is just so simple

I never charge my batteries past 14.0. Because I do not need the extra oomph. I try to run between 85% and 45%. Even then, I turn the charging off for a day. SW sun every day would keep the batteries full.

I did a reset of my bms 14 months ago….i have used 96 cycles since then.
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Just an FYI on Lifepo4 12V deep cycle batteries.
I've waited for prices to drop on these batteries for a couple years now and finally bought two.
These are the most recent updated versions of this brand and they have improved to a standard that meet what I needed to see including the price.
VATRER 12V 100Ah lifepo4 battery. AM Z price $239.00 + tax delivered.
These offer all the BMS (battery management system) controls like the ever elusive Low Temperature Cutoff and Bluetooth cell phone connection for easy accurate real-time monitoring.
Note; Battleborn batteries are missing the bluetooth and they cost $925 each for their 100Ah 12V battery. These were never in consideration.
After several tear-apart video's for this product including Will Prowse among many others I'm really glad I waited for this latest version. They arrived in 6 days FedEx, packaged securely and intact. At 24 lbs each easy to handle and install. A 5000 cycle (from 100% full to 0% full and back to 100% = 1 cycle) battery that will be the last one's I'll ever need to buy. Smile That's 13 1/2 years if I do a full cycle every day of the year. And I'm 74 so...
Battery Model
LiFePO4 Battery 12.8V 100Ah
Nominal Voltage
Charge Voltage
11KG / 24.2LB
Max Continuous Charging Current
Max Continuous Discharging Current
Recommended Charge Current
20A (0.2C)
Max Load/Inverter Power
Operating Temperature Range
Charge: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Discharge: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Storage: -10°C to 50°C (-14°F to 122°F)
Low temp cut off protection (Charge): 0°C±4°C (32°F±39.2°F)
Low temp cut off protection (Discharge): -20°C±4°C (-4°F±39.2°F)

Waterproof Class
Terminal Type
329x172x214 mm / 12.95x6.77x8.42 inch
Cycle Life
>=5000 Cycles
Series/Parallel Connections
4 in Series, and no more than 10PCS in Parallel
I am setup for 400 watts solar and a DC to DC Renogy charge controller. Easy to replace my ol 6V golf cart pair.
FWIT, and have a good day.
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Thanks for the post Richard. I do have a couple of pointers deep cycle. It’s usually used only for lead acid and absorbed glass mat batteries that use plates and acid to store electricity. The marketing behind adding deep cycle is exactly that. Marketing. Most lithium batteries will last 5000 cycles and I know people who cycle their batteries 8020 that is 80% charged to 20% discharged and have gotten well over 9000 cycles. This again is really marketing as the speed at which you charge the battery.5 C or 2C has a far greater impact on the battery. So if your battery is 100 A and you charge it at 100 A this would be a 1C charge this type of charging depending on the battery type and build and BMS is actually harder on battery than the charge cycles. We’re seeing this in electric vehicles that use super charging.

As an early fanboy of Battle Born batteries we have to remember at that time they were the only real game in town. Now, seven years later, they have many competitors, and this is lowered the price,with other factors, lithium batteries. From personal and reported users they still have the best return policy and customer service in the industry. They are not the most expensive they are, however more costly than many alternatives.
I myself went for the metal SOK batteries for my build. I did so because amp power to amp power they were half the cost included automatic heating and had a reasonable BMS.
Some people go for the really inexpensive litime or chin battery OK. It’s their build.
What is nice as we have the choice we are not stuck with the horrific expensive magna charge or moderately expensive Battle Born. We can build and buy what fits our budget and comfort level. Anyone who has tried to get service from many of the cheaper retailers have run into difficulties that they may not have run into had they chosen another brand made in America. If you’re comfortable with the science chemistry and engineering of a system then you have many more choices. All of this has made it easier for us. The van dwellers to be more comfortable in our rigs.

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