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Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones guest - YouTube
It's a good read Blanch. Which post above did you feel was political? Your initial post came across to me as someone maybe trying to instigate or incite drama. If that's not the case, I've been wrong many times before and I'll be wrong again sometime soon. In the end, it's just my opinion. On a side note, that article about passive aggressive behavior is a decent shorter read. It explains a lot about the behavior.
Alex Jones is political.
That’s what I was questioning.

I’m not here to fight or argue. I have nothing else to say on this thread.

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Joe rogan is a actor/martial artist/comedian that hosts a podcast
Alex jones is indescribable  
so not current politics,no one is fighting,all good

i only watch the rogan clips,can be funny but rogan being naive of common things is the show
(03-03-2019, 10:35 AM)Blanch Wrote: ....Alex Jones is political...

...I’m not here to fight or argue. I have nothing else to say on this thread....

The interview wasn't really about politics in my opinion. Was it mentioned? Some might interpret it that way, but hopefully they would have at least watched the interview before declaring it political.

I'm not here to fight or argue either, although some days I just feel like a pissy bitch and maybe I do try and stir up trouble. I don't believe that's what I did today, that interview was fascinating.
Rogan did a great job keeping Alex focused. I don't know what kind of tobacco they were smoking, but Joe's patience alone was something to behold.
Dunno who either one of them are so I don't have an opinion. When ever I see faces on the TV screen going bla bla bla about this or the other I usually just change the channel.
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(03-03-2019, 12:36 PM)Motrukdriver Wrote: Dunno who either one of them are so I don't have an opinion.  When ever I see faces on the TV screen going bla bla bla about this or the other I usually just change the channel.

Talking heads.   Undecided  

I am glad that others have the ability to gain information from places like this. Mostly that just puts me to sleep.
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I watched 4 min of it not sure how that could keep anyone interested for 4hrs 40 min, who cares what they are talking about most sane people will never know nor will they care, I presume they will get into how guns didn’t kill anyone on there own in the mass shootings, or any of the other 40,000 gun deaths in the last year and did they or did they not happen. Advocating guns is political.
I don't think they advocated guns, but you believe what works for you.
I met Joe Rogan in the backlot of Universal Studios many years ago. We were doing a VIP tour with my wealthy relatives and I was along for the ride. In those days they took you back where the extras and some cast people would get lunch or coffee at a shop. If no A list actors were present then the golf cart would stop and you could get a coffee and a snack. Our Golf cart ran out of battery so they had to deliver another one.

I went over to the corner and was smoking a Cuban short cigar. He walked by smelled it and asked if that was from an island of Florida. I said it was and offered him one. I knew him from Fear Factor although he wasn't exactly famous as it was only the first season. They were shooting the second season he told me although I don't know if this was a Universal project. We started talking about Canada and attitudes toward smoking cigars and pot. Differences in law and people. He was generally a nice guy and funny. We talked about MMA as I was wearing a UFC21 t-shirt and he asked if I practised any martial arts. We talked about that for 15 or so minutes and then my golf cart arrived. It was a very enjoyable half hour.

I haven't watched much of his podcasts but have watched him call every UFC fight since he started. I know he is an advocate of legalization and has various opinions. I think the issue starts when we misunderstand the difference between talking (heads) about current events and talking politics. The same issue is rearing its ugly head over the difference between flirting and sexual harassment. To me, the differences are very clear. One is a prelude to perhaps dating or more and the other is done by a jerk. 

Simply talking about current events.
Why do so many people in America decide to live in mobile vehicles?
or political
Why is the American dream so unattainable to so many they have to become homeless and live in mobile vehicles.

Now Alex Jones is an outspoken Texan and so any discussion, I didn't have time to watch the clip, is going to go the gun patriot route pretty quickly. But one person's opinion is hardly a political discussion. A discussion is a back and forth about a particular topic. Listening to someone else's point of view is called education. It is valid or it is not in your opinion. You learn something either way. He is an enlightened person spreading the truth or he is a raving conspiracy fanatic shovelling horseshit to uneducated monkeys. If watching or listening to it offends you; this is your problem and issue. If you don't find the conversation between the talking heads of value then don't watch. If you have an opinion then please feel free to express it. When we silence discussion we learn nothing.
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