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Please Help Before Target Practice Commences
Angry  Google Play is taking over my video watching.  Every time I try to get YouTube I get a screen that sez 
New version of YouTube available from Google Play.  
Then there is a green     Install Now to click on.  NO OTHER OPTION is offered.

So I finally gave in and clicked. Nothing happened.  Except I still can't watch you tube and can't uninstall Google Play.

I've tried many variations of ."How do I watch YouTube without using Google Play or How do I turn off Google Play"

Then everything that comes up has a video and when clicked I'm referred to YouTube on GooglePlay.

I've spent over 2hrs with Verizon techs on two different days trying to get this straightened out on my Verizon Elipsis 4g tablet

The only way I can watch You Tube is on a 2x3in cell phone screen. I can't just sit and hold the damn thing and I can barely see the #s  or printing on it.

Any ideas on how to fix this without buying new devices?


Jewell Ann
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  • Kaylee (02-27-2019)
In the settings on the tablet....does it have the option “return to factory settings”?

Save all your pictures, notes, etc up to the cloud...and reset the thing.

If you cannot save eveyrthing, maybe take it to the Verizon store and see if they can save it for you.

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I never thought about a " return to factory settings".  The cloud is one thing that was deleted yesterday.
At least today I think I can still find the settings thingy.
I will go look for it now.


Jewell Ann
         MY  Heart  IS GOOD....BUT OH THIS MOUTH
yea return to factory settings sometimes is the best way one can gets ya back to start anew Smile
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  • Texjbird (02-28-2019)
There were problems with a google play services update that caused that kind of behavior last year . I don't remember the fix but I think it involved deleteing Play's admin access, removing it and reinstalling play.
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  • Texjbird (02-28-2019)

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