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Wood stoves anyone?
This portable stove is a beauty:
It looks good, but I wasn't able to access the reviews or see the shipping cost.
I would like to see a small woodburner stove suitable for a trailer, but with air intake from outside.

Wood sources (small pieces): construction sites and pole yards.
Ive not seen any of the mini portable stoves come with outside air. That might need to be fabricated DIY. You’ve got me thinking about outside air for the stove I’m going to build this Summer.
RT, if you work it out, please post!
I love my Pomoly camping wood stove! It's the perfect size for my boat, and it puts out a lot of heat. I use it for cooking and heating, and it's also great for drying out the boat on a wet day. I highly recommend Pomoly stoves to anyone looking for a wood stove for their boat.

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