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Waiting in line at the dump station.
Oh, forgot to add that filling the 35 gallon freshwater tank takes longer than dumping.

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The LTVA (BLM) is in the process of building a new dump station along with a full size treatment facility. Like many government projects it has no opening date. I just heard that the test wells are not producing as “expected”. 

There was a guy with a 20 ft disposable (camping world forest river) tow behind that was taking a long time. He kept shaking the trailer and kicking his hose. He then pulled the dump station hose into his rig. He came out quickly when he found out that it leaked when he kinked it. He was there for about an hour. 

He really needed the local business R V PROCTOLOGIST.  

Can you imagine that as your job title?
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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You should have gotten a video !
Did anybody give expert advice or just point and laugh ?
My old '76 class A had a system that dripped it on the exhaust someplace to empty the tank by evaporation while driving !
IDK , it wasn't hooked up , the tanks had been replaced before I bought it and pieces were missing so never knew if both tanks were "feeding" it ???.
stay tuned 

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What happens in Quartzsite ~~~ the names are withheld to keep from being sued. 

I was laughing too hard to document his shame.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated

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