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Wintering in a rv/van
was out in mine in the high 20 degrees with a little electric heater and it wasnt keeping up,what do the experienced use for windshield/window insulation? other things you do so you dont have o wear gloves inside
I have a custom fit windshield sunscreen that I put up with the reflective side in and reflectix on all other windows and stuff a pillow in the roof vent held up by bungees. I make sure to turn the dash climate controls to the off position. I have a blackout curtain that I hang behind the front seats with the white side towards the back. If I am plugged in, I supplement my RV furnace with a 1200 watt electric heater, otherwise the furnace will keep it warm on its' own. When plugged in, if the space heater won't keep up, the RV furnace keeps it from falling out of my comfort range. Then it is time to move if is not going to warm up soon.

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  • Blacktank (01-15-2019)
When I rebuilt this, I put in reflectix and then 3” of solid polystyrene insulation all around.

On cold nights, I close the insulated black out curtains between the main area and the drivers compartment. I use 3” foam that I glued reflectix to....placed reflectix side in on the windows and vents.

I only use a little electric space heater. It does a fine job. Of course...I am rarely in temps even as cold as 32 degrees overnight.

I also have a down blanket with a feather bed. And I could still get out the 12v blanket if I really need it. (Haven’t yet).

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Wow, this is timely!
It's supposed to hit 4F tonight. Sad

How "little" is your heater, Gary?
Wool socks and other warm clothing make a huge difference.

Thanks everyone for the other advice.
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2019-Dec update:
I've escaped Winter!
Have you looked at those rubber puzzle floor mats? Used them before- worked pretty well for me...
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Too hard to insulate the cab effectively so I just temp blocked it off using 1" styrofoam insulation and packing tape !
The condensation in the cab stopped completely as a bonus. (You can't believe the amt of it , I had ice on most everything some mornings.)

The same for the glass in back should get ya through to summah chummy , oh ayuh.

I have done something similar in other rigs but more durable making a sort of box/cover using poly-iso , 4mm luan and pine strips to cover glass on cold nights (or hot days) , I painted the insulation black on one side and vvhite on the other , reversing according to seasons.
Adding vent holes to the upper and lovver areas convert them to passive solar collectors.

Adjust insulation thickness to your cold tolerance level as alvvays .
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Stay Tuned

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If the body core is kept warm then fingers and toes do not go numb nearly as easily.

Not realy sure how effective this would be in 20f temps.

Definitely compartmentalize the interior.
Keep the core warm with layers and do not restrict blood flow to and from the extremities. Cover neck and head as well.
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  • Nana (01-25-2019)
I have an insulated bulk head, insulation on the floor walls and extra on the roof and inside all the cupboards. Low 20s not an issue with a small electric heater on low, or my dickenson propane heater on low. Very comfy I have thick curtains on all four of my windows. I do plan to live in it in much colder temps so I am thinking of making inside insulated panels for all my windows, and using a thermal blanket of sorts or just using foam board insulation around the windshield and the drivers door if stationary for several months in the cold.
i think blocking off the cab area is the way to go,windshield,door windows,uninsulated doors, just to much to deal with,
will just leave me with giant house windows to insulate,old single plain windows just let the cold in
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