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The Day The Music Died
Ok, normally I write something to titillate or entertain or I am pissed off and this venue is better than x years in a Russian prison. But every once in a while I write something to edumcate. Yes, I know I spelt that wrong and for a reason. My work took me to a birthday celebration in Saint Petersburg. Big venue, around 500 people and held in a very nice hotel. Happy Birthday was sung by an Armenian Popstar that I believe is popular across the pond. She has a punky goth look, I forgot her name but apparently is a big deal. There were four other acts throughout the evening that were surprisingly good and singing in English for the majority of the songs. I even saw the lead singer for the Scorpions. 

Thankfully the evening was winding down and my primary (not the kids tonight) was invited out to the balcony for an evening cigar. They even offered the help a stick that I gladly accepted. The conversation between five men seemed to be about the third act and if "they" could make it in Europe or American markets. They were speaking Russian and so assumed I was lost. I was doing my job and watching people, however, unnecessary it was as there had to be 40 cops downstairs in uniform and 10 plain clothes. 

I realized they were looking at me and waiting for an answer. This is highly out of the ordinary and I apologised and asked them to repeat the question. "Since I was American, (Canada/USA same same) what did I think of the third band and would it be popular? Who do I think they sound like?" 

I answered they sounded like Greenday had an orgy with early Pink Floyd and the Cranberries. They laughed and asked if I liked it and I said I did. That it was very different from the "everything sounds the same" that is American Pop. One man who was dressed a little more trendy, or less stiff spoke; "That is because over 80% of American Pop music has been written by the same two men for over a decade." He went on to name a Scandinavian, with an American sounding name and an American with a Scandinavian sounding name and said they were the hit masters behind Pink, Bieber, Lady Gaga, and many more Pop strange names I am not going to type. Clearly, 80% of the chart-toppers belonged to them and that this had been orchestrated by the big music companies to reduce the risk of bringing a new group to market. I nodded and thought; 'Yeah another Russian conspiracy theory."  

No longer part of the conversation I moved to the edge of the group but, I continued listening. The following hour-long conversation discussed the difficulty of new music breaking into the American market specifically and out of the Russian market generally. Seems the belief at the table was Americans have been brainwashed into liking music based on something called X that loosely translates if it sounds familiar we like it. The overabundance of this pap called pop has built on itself and with the creation of high-end audio manipulation, it is formula music. "Get a pretty face give it some vocal training and provide it with the songs and marketing and make money. I kept listening and while some of what was being said resonated with my feelings about modern music I still found it to be a little fringy. They talked about loudness (remember this is being spoken in Russian) about being louder than other bands and this helped get you noticed and I was about to blow this off a drunk talk until I understood my translation was wrong. They were talking about an audio technique called compression or something where highs and lows are compressed making the music sound muddy and have less dynamic range. One of the things that I really miss in new recordings.  
Many of the examples given were pretty shocking and as the evening finished I made a note to check out the validity of these statements. 

So what I found was most of what these men were talking about was searchable an indeed two songwriters are responsible for a huge number of popular hits. Today over breakfast I asked who the two foreign men were and was told name and position. Wow! I thought I wonder who else knows this stuff or has noticed. So as we have an expert I thought I would post this and see if our Wierd Overlord had any input? 

It also got me thinking if the same thing might be true for Fiction Writers?
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Max Martin
Lukasz Gottwald

a 20 minute video on why modern pop music sucks scientifically

now there is very good music being made today it is just not being push my the big corps but they cant control everything so you get a Ed Sheeran and his songwriting
and Adele with her pure vocal talent

and then there is the most musical of the musics that will never budge


listen to this composition by the band Avatar,there is more music here than all the top 40 combined,Bach and Beethoven crack a smile every time it is played

and i'm sure the little soviets henchmen know what webs you go to
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I like Avatar!
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OK , I guess that's my cue !

The songwriters are unfamiliar to me but the method is old and real.
And SO overused.

FIRST: Yes , there are still talented people that can't be denied success. Cool Big Grin

Compression : It is done using a device that can be adjusted to squeeze the sound just a bit or crush dynamic range completely (most likely your overheard convo) or just stop the peaks some or from getting out at all that is called limiting .
Both forms of dynamic control are usually accomplished using the same device as it's all a matter of the control positions.
I adjust by "ear" as most do. It's one of those things that most can't hear happening , but once you catch on , it's everyplace ! (My first time using a compressor,,,,turned every knob and couldn't hear it doing anything !
These days , I can't imaging going to a show using none but none the less that is my goal......)

As you often hear a thing called AUTOTUNE or Antares(the mfg) these days  , it , for some stupid reason (clueless public) that likes anything that sounds different OR the same.....(I know!)

The idea is to control the sound but not have the process much for ideas.....

Yup , still all about the money ! ,,,,,,,,,,,,too frickin' bad Rolleyes .
"Yay greed , and not sorry about the crap you get to listen to" is pretty common unfortunately.

So it goes ,,,,
The only good part is I always got final say out on a live gig.
While I sometimes did copy the studio "trickery" not that many could , so it isn't expected (usually).

Class dismissed.
Any extra credit questions ?

T W O h s,,,,P. O.
Stay Tuned

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