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Soi Dog Lucky
Bangkok is not my favourite city, to be truthful I don't much care for it. To me, it reminds me of everything that is wrong with Thailand. I love the land of smiles and have spent many months living there over the course of my life. But, never long in Bangkok, Just long enough to get the end of use certifications stamped and stuff loaded and on the way to whatever unsanctioned country had been added to that ticky box. 

The smell from the sewer er river was practically a physical force on the road and I flagged a tuk-tuk to shorten the journey back to my hotel. The driver started immediately selling the usual vices fat middle-aged tourists wanted. I lit my half-finished cigar to mask the scent and let my shirt rise up showing hardware. It wasn't really a 92F, only a metal clone that fired pellets, but it shut him up as I was now a gangster falang and would not be interested in his menu of sins. 

    The high stratosphere suite had no windows that opened and the stench of the city had followed me in on my clothes and despite the shower, I found it unpalatable when I tried to enjoy my beer. I understood my displeasure and mood was more to do with what and who I had been doing and meeting and less about the physical realities of the environment but I was still satisfied living in that box, and since no one was opening it neither was I. 

I headed to the lobby bar thinking the smell of imported perfume and lotus flowers, with pretty things to look at would provide the camouflage and distraction my brain needed to relax. 

    The sun ended both the day and my perch on the bar and I decided to go to a proper traditional joint for a massage. I cut through the closing outdoor market five blocks from my hotel and down the alley toward the school that taught the northern style of Thai massage. Locals were out and enjoying relaxing drinks and food with friends and family and for a few blocks, I forgot I was in Bangkok. The place was open and I booked a traditional scrub bath and two-hour oil massage. 

    It was late when I left the salon and I regretted leaving the pistol in my hotel room. I was well out of the tourist path and without calling for a tuk-tuk I was walking. I walked back to the corner and towards the market and noticed three boys standing on the corner. They were in their late teens and dressed in casual nice clothing. They were drinking beer and very interested in the sole white person walking through the neighbourhood. 

I walked passed them and continued toward the open market. I listened to them as they spoke and while my Thai is not very good I heard the word Rolex. Happily, they stayed on the corner drinking beer and Song whiskey and I kept my pace natural to the gate of the market. 

It was locked. 

   Faced with this new obstacle I only had one choice to walk back up the road, past the teens, to the main road and then walk around the block to my hotel. I didn't mind the walk. I did mind trolling the three boys again. Temptation is something that is hard to predict in culture and people. In Thailand, if you do get in a fight with a local 9 times out of 10 a knife will be produced and the thing about knife fights that is usually missing from tv is you always get cut. 

Walking back up the street I could see the behaviour changes in the three men. Rapid conversation and quick glances to see who was watching and an energy one gets to recognize if you see it enough. Resolve. Resolve to do something out of character or dangerous because the risk is worth the reward. Three hands disappeared into pockets containing edged weapons and as I walked toward them I thought I may actually have to give up my uncles gift. Being unarmed and fighting three people with knives is cut and likely bad enough to be lethal. Just too many variables and mass moving quickly to be worth the risk.

In battle, your opponents are your teachers and the thing you need to beat is your ego. 

I wasn't going to get cut, off the track away from the tourist area for ten large. I didn't want to risk killing anyone or getting killed for that amount either. I thought; "your rate is higher than that Scott," as a way to quiet that thing called pride and ego. 

    Growling chased green sick eyes out of the ditch towards me. A black road, or Soi, dog jumped out of the ditch onto the shoulder. I had been so concerned with the boys I had missed him. He was large for a stray dog and had the beaten/abused look most of the dogs have or acquire over the years. He had half an ear, on one side,  and battle scars from fights with other dogs or humans. His right front leg had been broken or damaged badly, and had healed with an awful looking bend. His eyes were wild and full of hatred and he was presenting as a hunter and not just defending what was tasty in the ditch. He was growling loudly and moving back toward the market. I stayed with him and was calling him Lucky. I felt and saw his partner about the same time. He had come out of the ditch and was flanking me. Bitten or stabbed and perhaps both my day had certainly not improved. 

I dropped to my knees and projecting, not yelling, said: "Stop it now." 

Both animals came in growling and I placed my hands on top of my head protecting my throat and skull from direct attack. When they got close enough to smell me the green-eyed first dog stopped and looked past me to his partner. All the time I am saying; "Lucky come on come get some love I do awesome ear rubs come on get over here." This is Thailand right so dogs can't speak but even if they understood they might get Thai.  

Lucky came close looking directly into my eyes. This is predatory behaviour and aggressive. I looked past his eyes at his tail. I turned my head slowly to look at his partner for the first real time. It was a weird mutt mix of Dachshund and...I laughed. Just a little and he came closer. I slowly slid my hand from my head to my lap and let him come beside me. I put my fingers out and he smelled them and then plonked his ass down by my knee. I rubbed her ears with one hand and she only tensed if I brought my other hand near her. Lucky came in and he got himself some Canadain ear rubbing love too although he never really relaxed and was quick to give me a low growl if I did anything he didn't like. 
This went on for a few minutes then Lucky went back to the shoulder and made a yip and the other dog followed. I got up thinking about the stench of Bangkok for a completely different reason.

 I got to my corner and the three teens nodded their heads and looked at the ground. Thai's are terrified of dogs and Soi Dogs especially. They wanted nothing to do with the Rolex wearing Falang after seeing that. I came away with ALL DOGS LOVE ME!

So it is 20:20 in Moscow on New Year's Eve. I can see Red Square and it is packed for the celebration. I am not sure what I think of 2018. It has been a year. It has brought me closer to goals, people, and farther from friends and family. 2019 is here and I see no Dystopian Blade Runner world. I do see a society of humans looking at blame and circumstances as more important than potential annihilation.  I see right and correct being openly traded for minutes on a clock that only moves forward. I see hungry ruling class elite happy to sell us those ashes and I see many people being stupid jerks. 

So my wish for 2019 is we step back to reality and understand the shit they taught us in kindergarten. 
Who is right and who is wrong doesn't matter if your both dead. 
 The Freightliner doesn't care if you have the right of way. 
   People are different and they act differently and the farther they are from you the more that difference. 
    It doesn't matter what or who you believe in if it makes you a better human. 
     Hold hands with people you might not like. 
      Take naps.
       Ego is the bitch of the bunch to overcome no matter how tough you think you are.
        Don't be a jerk.

Happy New Years from the other side of a bunch of stuff and not just the world! LOVE to all of you.
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