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Bread truck conversion
Nice ride but it sure looks heavy.
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
Wow, Heavy is an understatement. That's nice an all but maybe just a tad overbuilt.
Didn't read as much as I looked at pic's so they may be parked a bunch and weight isn't an issue.
let spend a bunch of money but cheap out and use osb,hate that stuff
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  • Brad (11-18-2019)
OSB is garbage, even if they gave it away free. They spent $25,000 on it, but wouldn't spend a few $ more for plywood. Or they didn't even know the difference.
I'm not 100% sure that's OSB, it could be patterned vinyl.
I think they did a great job, way better than a mass built RV.
(11-29-2018, 02:59 PM)Handy_Dan Wrote: I'm not 100% sure that's OSB, it could be patterned vinyl.

osb everywhere in the pics and the raised kitchen and bedroom looks like wasted space underneath,way more show than go imho
Its a cool looking truck, but its a heavy truck and the inside is way over built, and I see a
lot of wasted space.
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The raised floor may house holding tanks ???

The bedroom step says a lot about the level of carpentry.
Built a bit over spec for typical people !

And yeah , USB (refer to second sentence) OK ,if you keep moisture away.
But still , it's heavy and better choices available.

The truck looks like all the extra pounds isn't gonna stop it , just less fuel friendly...
stay tuned 

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