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Drinking Water
Where do you usually fill a larger drinking water container (10-20 gallons).  I understand putting a one-gallon container in a cash dispenser, but what about larger amounts?  One gallon at a time?

Also, is the water in those dispensers filtered, or just whatever comes out of the local tap?
Just about every RV Park will let you get water for a small charge (20 gal tank isn’t that big)

Some places where there is a dump station also have water.

It is just whatever tap water. I do not drink it. I have a filter on my fresh water hose (never use that hose for anything else), then too, I sanitize my fresh tank once a year, but then only use it for washing. Drinking water is from the water machines....Walmart always has one. Many places have then outside the building. I do not drink that either, it put is through the Berkey filter first
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The twenty five cent water machines are typically the local municipal water plus a chlorine removal carbon filter and reverse osmosis to take out dissolved solids, sodium, calcium, magnesium.
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The machine in our Walmart is filtered water. It will take a container as large as five gallons.
In Wisconsin, many Libraries have free water bottle filling stations, which I've used to refill standard gallon jugs. I've also seen those in other MidWestern community type facilities. Keep your eyes peeled. Smile

I've yet to be Out West (soon!soon!), so am curious if these stations are nation wide.
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I've got two seven gallon jerry can style water jugs, and I usually fill them up at drinking fountains in parks for free. Many of them have a spigot under them, and if they don't it's nothing a funnel and hose can't solve.

I use a folding luggage carrier to transport the jugs back and forth.
I stuff the Blue square reliance 7 gallon container into the glacier water filter machines, but it costs 40 cents gallon here in SoCal. It is pretty well filtered tap water. Tastes much better than local tap water.

There is a more convenient machine at a water store nearer by, for 50 cents a gallon and it tastes even better.

I do not like the taste of tap water, Ill pay for good tasting drinking water. i usually get 10 days minimum from 7 gallons and am not looking to save money on drinking water, or have to hear someone elses philosophical ramblngs on their free drinking water or how good they think it is.
I used to work for a couple different water bottling companies. They were bought up by Nestle and closed.   Sad

By looking and asking, you can find the local water dispenser in many places. In Quartzsite there are city water filtration kiosk and trucked in tanks with deep well water. 

The locals will know.
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In Quartzsite, it is possible to pull up beside the kiosk at the laundromat (N on 95) and pay for 5 gallons at a time.  I think it was 75cents for the 5 gallons.  For my 35 gal tank it was less than $6 plus I would fill up a 7 gal jerry can.  I'd be set for cooking and showers for 2 weeks.

Quartzsite has free water but it is very salty, not really healthy.  I thought I might try the ZERO water filtration systems available at Walmart and see how well that works.  If it works well, I can save $7 every couple of weeks and use the free water.
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We filtered the free La Posa water with one of those blue RV filters. I never noticed a salty taste

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