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Verizon unlimited for $40
It's great until you have an issue then no service at all in my case. I signed up got their phone but they forgot to send the prepaid label to send my swap phone, didn't send it 3 times the said they did. The phone worked fine except for making call & that didn't work at all. I had to text on my wifes phone & after about 5 contacts they won't reply & you can't call or e-mail or chat. Good luck I hope it works better for you.
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I usually have the best of luck with things.... I got my return label with free shipping too.
Does anyone have a update on this Visable service???. Or did it turn out to be invisible get what you pay for service?? Thanks.
It looks like the $40 service is still there. Here is their webpage for all the info:

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Mine works perfect, I am well pleased with the phone and service.

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