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I need a laptop, need advise.
Small 1Tb drives can be had for about $50 now. For company's building computers would be way cheaper.

On sale they are even cheaper. A laptop for $330 isn't going to be a gamer though.

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You can get Dell Computers at walmart the refurbished ones are much cheaper than the brand new ones though. (PS I don't know if they have a warranty on the refurbished ones though)
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I have an Ipad with a Logitech keyboard and have had it for a couple of years now, I had a couple of laptops before that, an IBM maybe 4 5 years, till it crashed, then I bought an acer at it was fine for a few years maybe four but slowly got so slow that I gave up on it, I still have it and I can still get it up and running and see my pictures but is so slow that I get frustrated using it on the net. I have found my IPad has not slowed at all since I bought it two years ago. I use it similar to what you do, I am not hooked into the IPad cloud as I didn’t like that I had to give so much information so I am not using it to it;s fulll capacity but manage what I want to do which is exactly what you mentioned. I was wondering why you don’t want a tablet with a the extra keypad mine is great other then getting used to the smaller key pad but that is not an issue anymore.

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