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I like writing stories but...
Hey everyone, 

Don't get me wrong I like telling stories and writing tales, some tall and others amazingly short. But today was a pretty lite day and I went to our member's list and looked at all the new names and thought:

"Hey, I don't know 30 percent of the people sitting around our campfire."

So I figured I'd turn the light up a little and toss another log on the fire and say "HEY" who are you and who brought the penguin that's been dry humping my chair for an hour?

There is an introduction thread and I went there and looked and I still see people I don't know. 

So past going to the welcome centre, yes that should be a pinned post and easily visible, post up a story here in the storytime section. How often can you find a published author willing to read your stuff? 

Perhaps we can create a chain story from one or more of these tales? Imagination is the second thing to go...or so they say. 

SO let's see some imaginative creativity. You might earn a YARC badge.
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So out comes the bottle of  Vodka, (because Tequila makes the clothes fall off) and let the story time began.  Big Grin

As for the penguin, I don’t see one. Cats, dogs, caryotes, yodas. Are you sure it was not in that bottle?  

How do we play this game?  Give us an opening line. I have seen a lot of new people here so we should have plenty of new perspectives on the shapes in the fire.
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It was a dark and stormy night at camp
A lot of chairs were pulled around it. I sat in mine and it immediately collapsed from the weight. The people standing around behind me pointed and said,”
With you guys- How 'bout an ending line?

Quote:Really officer, I was just helping the sheep get unstuck from the fence
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We warned you not to buy that collapsible camp chair."
So, then a small lizard ran across the ground and up into the pant leg of the gal sitting next to me....she freaked and I offered to...
Wondering about Wandering.
Leave camp before she woke up.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
Just then a big bus came in full of what looked like dead heads

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And the thought that ran through this camper's head, "Is this the start of the Zombie Apocalypse that I'd heard about?"

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