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Solar powered bug zapper
Correct on all three.

I like that drowning pool song but it made me laugh at a very inappropriate moment that could have gone a different direction.

I was drinking in a small pub on the wrong side of an ethnic divide I didn't see. Stupid Canuck glasses. SO I was a few cups into a good night of forgetting all that was wrong with the world. I guess I was looking too closely at a very pretty girl in a short skirt or something and her 'brother' took offence. He and a few of his mates decided it was time for me to leave, and with a few bruises. They came over all bravado and cock and I was thinking; if she doesn't like her hot-headed brother making drama this could go very well. So I played it cool and ignored them. Tough guys hate to be ignored. I understood the language enough to know what they were saying but I was only halfway thru my litre of vodka and wasn't really in the mood to answer.

I called the cowering lady over and handed her my bottle half finished and asked her to cut up another lemon. I heard the click of the blade and felt the pressure on my left side. I turned and faced the brother, presenting my more than adequate stab resistant belly. Fat is good in this case.
"I don't fucking care if your American. This is..."  If you learn one thing from Bond films it should be never talking while lording over your target.
I pushed down on his wrist, directly behind the thumb, just in front of where your watch band would sit and stepped against him. The knife was now pointing up and harmless. Then I head-butted his nose all over his face.  Drowning Pool song comes on as I step away from the three and assess the situation.
Then I start laughing. Hysterically. Vodka/mood/situation all combined and to me at this point was funny. I danced a little distance from the other targets and tried to regain my composure. It wasn't working. I was still laughing like a monkey gone mad in the sun.
The others were quite put off by this. My headbutt had smashed the one guy's nose and likely broken the upper mandible as he was spitting out a great deal of blood and shiny white bits. The others scooped him up and left.
I yelled after them. "Hey, I am Canadian, not American eh? Sorry!"

The barlady brought back my Vodka and fresh lemons. I didn't end up sharing it. Not everything works out perfectly.

No mozzies were injured in the telling of this story or during the actual occurrence. Verified by the antiviolence against winged insects league of Croatia.
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I think you might need another "Stinkin' Badge" .........."YARC , eh ?" 
(Maybe just a quick eh added to the other one ? ...)

Nice finishing farewell............... Tongue
stay tuned 

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(06-05-2018, 06:29 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: I think you might need another "Stinkin' Badge" .........."YARC , eh ?" 
(Maybe just a quick eh added to the other one ? ...)

Nice finishing farewell............... Tongue

Yeah, I like when you remember good quotes or perfect finishes AT THE TIME and not like an hour later when the adrenaline wears out and the brain can think at elevated levels again. LOL! 

Only ever happens a few times in one's life I think. 

I had a French Canadian customs officer make a big deal one time about my Panerai watch with a crocodile strap. Crocodile clothing items are somehow on a banned import list as they are endangered or something. Not bloody likely as you can walk across rivers thick with them. But anyway. I worked in LE and this Border boy wanted to impose his will and SIGNIFICANT power. I had the trump card. A receipt for its purchase in Canada inside my safe at home. 

"I know what you do and spending a few days in jail for importing banned items would be not good for you. How you do inside a prison?" English was obviously not his first language, and he was probably pissed as I didn't understand him in English and switched to French. 

"Fuck your old man in the shower and then go make a sandwich; is how I DO in jail. Call your Supervisor I am tired of talking in French." Cost me an hour of time but I got to use my Usual Suspects line! LOL! 

They didn't seize the watch either.
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(06-03-2018, 02:08 AM)sternwake Wrote: This kind of device needs to be hacked and have bigger capacitors fed more voltage, with a suction fan that can suck a small hummingbird to it.

Hold my beer.

How's that R&D been going? Big Grin

I've now had at least 4 bugs inside my van, which isn't much, but it's going to get worse.

Mossies tend to be easy to kill (slow & noisy).
It's the rest that are problematic.

My very first was my nemesis: a tick. Sad
I had spent some time wandering around the campground, looking for a cell signal & scanning for TV signals, and didn't bother doing a tick check (had assumed it was too early).
Just before I went to bed, spotted it on my bed, and had a moment of brain freeze.
Ended up using hand sanitizer to smother it (felt guilty, but... it was a tick, dang it!). Then I used a bit of paper towel to move it all into a shallow metal washing dish (gift from GypsyDogs - thanks!), and burned it all.
It was my first and probably only "campfire". Wink

TrainChaser & Jewell Ann had some suggestions in another thread.
This seemed the most relevant to bump. Smile

TrainChaser recommended a Brick (multi purpose).
Jewell Ann suggested foot stompin'.

My concern is that one probably needs something more pointy, so one can dispatch the miscreant quickly before it can find a hiding place.
That's much trickier in a vehicle, than in an S&B.
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2019-Dec update:
I've escaped Winter!
Not a fan of chemical sprays, more inclined to use potted mint plant to keep tinies away, doubles for tea too. I keep looking for a battery operated/rechargeable bug-sucker for the crawlers but nada so far. Still have grandma's ol wooden handled fly swatter. That one can dispatch flying as well as walking pests, gotta watch where your swinging tho less you twack out a window. Big Grin
I got one of these little bug zappers to use inside before going to bed to get the ones that came in with me.

I haven't used it yet but willing to give it a try to stop the buzzing late at night. I'll hang it in the front and I sleep in the back. Hopefully attracts them away from me.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel

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