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Sand and zero Break
The morning light had yet to caress the sand. The large Escalade sat low in the sand almost looking embarrassed by its weight. Inside it was cool and the heavy tint on the windows made the additional curtains merely decoration. Two sleeping children were loaded like luggage into the twin reclining Maybach seats that dominated the rear of the interior of the car. The two drivers went over the vehicle systems like they were about to take off in a passenger jet. The vehicle was on loan from a local friend as were the two drivers. My place would be in the jump seat facing the rear of the vehicle and I wasn't in a hurry to take my place in the less than comfortable seat. 

The sun's arrival turned the horizon purple and then blue, like a spreading bruise in reverse. Then as if the horizon was a campfire caught on fire the whole sky froze golden red. Dawn had broke and the arrival was violent and harsh. The light chased the sand and brought with it the wind. The sand stirred rudely from slumber caught in the wind and stung the areas of my face not covered by my sunglass and shemagh. The heat waves were visible in the distance as the desert temperature soared toward its final height. 

Darkness was erased from the visible world and the checklist complete, we boarded our red vehicle and turned onto what served as a road. So much tantalizing sand and yet nothing to surf. The heavy beasts supercharger started to whine and it continued until it sounded like a teapot ready to pour. The drive would be completed at 120 miles per hour and I was glad to have an able pilot at the wheel. 

I understood fuel wasn't an issue with the already heavy vehicle. Protected as it was from large bore rifle the additional 60 gallons of fuel was hardly a consideration. Made in a City just north of Thousand Oaks California I thought back to the time I spent with family recovering from my YARC flu. Sipping my coffee with the memory brought a smile to my face. I yearned for outrageously expensive ice cream and my stomach rumbled.  

I checked my phone and saw I was connected to wifi. Even at this speed, I had two hours till we reached the town and market. Perhaps a story is in order. Looking out the back provided little distraction. A TV screen caught between the channels you wanted to see. A brown grey spray of sand. 

The military grade router and sat connection were strong and since I wasn't paying the bill a little ditty of the day was in order. 

Today's mission, should I wish to accept it, was to go to the market and buy Mom a birthday gift for her 45th birthday. We also had reservations for a special lunch with some of the village children and a tour of the school. A cultural experience organized by the father, with a couple of his company partners. The risk element was higher than remaining at the house. But the little creatures were getting a little bored and the distraction was worth the risk and I was here to manage that risk. 

A stirring white moon poked out of the pink fleece and would soon need to have her morning coffee. ( my coffee spoon stirred into her warm cup of water). The others snoring had stopped and would soon demand food. Manny the Merc had his jobs cut out for him and the quiet seconds were slipping away as quickly as the miles. 
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Manny the Merc.  Cool  

What a life
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
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As always, great read
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