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The location connection thread
Wow It has been a while.

I was at Four mile quarry off of 140 near Klamath falls, Or. for a month, did quite a bit of testing but I have to tell you that the speed test results bounced all over the place. So I think it's better to just explain what was and wasn't working.

Just sitting on the counter all of my Verizon devices were cooking to the point that the booster was actually turning down the power meaning the bars went up but the speed test went down. I had no problem using the 3G hotspot to connect my security cam to the internet and broadcast to my phone anytime I was away from the trailer. It broadcast in 1080P. Uploads to you tube with the 7730L unboosted were fast and unstopping. There were two towers on both sides of the quarry and close. I knew I had hit one of them when pointed at one gave me a -72 LTE signal.

The AT&T Mobley and my AT&T freedompop phone were connecting to one of three towers a short distance away to the south. They do not show on the maps but did on network cell info lite on the phone. On the counter both devices showed a HSPA and HSPA+ signals (3G and 4G). Using the Omni directional antenna in the booster the Mobley stayed on 4G and occasionally. Using the directional antenna kicked the Mobley up to LTE. Speeds were okay but nothing like Verizon.

Sprint was the only device to connect to the tower in Klamath falls 28 miles away but only after using the directional antenna on the booster for a few bars of LTE. I did not run a lot of test with it but for the distance it was a usable signal.

T-Mobile was the only service that I could not get to connect and like all the carriers they have a tower in Klamath falls. I believe that had I taken the hotspot in town and ran test that I would have found that they were not using band 12 because I have picked that up from a greater distance than the 28 miles to town.

The quarry is a nice place to stay. I had a spot on the mouth of a peninsula making it appear as if I had a lake to the left and right. Every morning I had my coffee with a perfect reflection of the tree covered shoreline and a snow capped mountain in the distance. I was never bothered by rangers in a month and knew of some that stayed there long term. Odessa campground up the road is much the same. The downside is that it is a huge local draw usually on the weekend with lots of music and ATV's. I have to say for as much bitching you hear about RV'rs and trash that the locals treated it like a dump. Nearly every group I saw trashed out their site and left it like someone else would pick it up. Sad really for such a beautiful spot.

Next up is just outside of Sisters, Or. I won't have time for booster testing.
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  • Scott7022 (07-04-2018)
I have been in West Jordon near Salt Lake city for the last week on a install and all of the services were weak but working. At times the Verizon was 3G only, at least it had a strong signal.

Currently I am at the first rest stop west of town which is a viewing area for the Great Salt Lake. AT&T seems stable and usable. Verizon is jumping up and down between 4GLTE, then it drops to lower band or roaming and then goes to no networks at all. T-Mobile jumps between 4GLTE and nothing. Sprint gets only one or two bars but like AT&T stays online.

I do not put up the booster antenna when I am on the road, it's too much hassle and normally I get service being on the highway. Someday I will remove the useless batwing TV antenna and use its rotating mast for the directional. Until then I rely on having multiple carriers.
That’s a great idea to replace that batwing antenna!
I was on Buckhorn RD at the pass between West White Pine and signal mountains. It is either Pingree or maybe Primrose Pass. It was Verizon only and required the Directional at its fullest height for even a weak signal.

Now I am in the Pawnee National Grasslands and can pick up everything but Sprint without the booster gear. It can fad in and out so I have been switching back and forth between the services.

It has been a while since I updated this. The second half of last year I spent in the front range metro areas around Denver and never had any issues with cell service.

At the new RTR I had a good signal from AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile showed a signal but no internet and Sprint did not connect at all. I never had the chance to set up the booster system. All the services connected just down the road at the old RTR site.

I am now at Yarc camp in the La Posa South LTVA and T-Mobile and Sprint are both fast enough without the booster that I will leave the Mobley in the truck. I have the antenna out but have not connected it.
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  • Texjbird (01-23-2019)
A few updates

After YARC camp closed we moved up to State trust land where everything was wonderful in the shadow of the cell tower near the transfer site. We moved back to the La Posa South LTVA but am closer to entrance. Everything works with Sprint being faster than at YARC camp.

I am in Yuma right now for drugs and dental work. All is wonderful on this side of the boarder but on that side of the boarder Verizon is the last thing you want to have. AT&T and T-mobile make it known that they work in Mexico and even Cricket works great. I used Sprint today because I knew it was super strong in the casino parking lot. I think it was hitting a US tower because while it worked, the signal was weaker. Only my Red Pocket phone on Verizon was silent.

I head up to Flagstaff next week where Verizon sucked on A1 mountain road. The rest worked fine when I was there.
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  • BlueBuick (06-09-2019)
I am at the old summer RTR site off of A1 mountain road in Flagstaff.No booster, no directional, just naked hotspots.

Sprint with one little bar of LTE antenna is kicking everybody's ass with 7 Mbps download.

T-Mobile is running a strong second on 4G with 5 Mbps

AT&T is scraping by in third with 1.1 Mbps

Verizon is pulling up the rear with 3G and .9 Mbps

Believe it or not, this is a improvement for Verizon over two years ago when people were wandering around the hills looking for a usable signal. Things might be different had I put up the booster Sprint would be boosted just like the others.

So this win goes to Sprint and Big Red sucks the big one,
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  • rvpopeye (06-21-2019), BlueBuick (06-21-2019)
At Willard Springs near Flagstaff I am getting good signal on all but Sprint. The Sprint tower is at the next exit north
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  • rvpopeye (07-22-2019)

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