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We will see if he gets interested again. He's had a pretty bad allergic reaction this weekend since going out with me. We think it's more the stray cat, but he is getting tested later this month (finally).

I don't mind the junk. An old nail is still old. My dad keeps telling me about where things were way back before. So weird to think this area had a hospital even! I know the "house" building that was the bank. Someone actually still lives in the house. Oh, and my parents still own an old store building (been closed for years/run down). I'm going to metal detect around it before they sell it later this year. Big Grin

I told my grandson about a video I watched...a guy went to a playground and found around $2 in change. He thought that was
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Another Vanquish vid .

The star with ACF on it was an Brit Army Cadet Force pin from 1941. My quick research while watching....
(Kinda like ROTC in high school )
(Interesting Aussie Comfort Fund ID on the vid.)
Relics provide a chance to do research to find out what it is.....
stay tuned 

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