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    The world in 2455 has reached what many in 2018 thought was an unobtainable utopia. The isolationist ideology that propagated the trade wars of late 2019 is little more than a footnote in history. The acceptance of the Chinese Yuan as the primary oil currency had been the tipping point for the collapse of the American dollar. Like Russia’s Perestroika, the American Government was ill-equipped to deal with the overnight devaluation and ensuing hyperinflation. Unlike the Russian people, the average American was equally as ill-equipped to deal with the fallout.

A divided house of representatives and senate were slow to act. The military was not. Archival history from this time is difficult to authenticate. The reality stamp, so common now, had yet to be imagined. Stories in the competitive news industry reported drastically different stories about the same events. Local, National, and Federal law enforcement reports also seem to be divided along ideological observational lines. Anecdotal reports gleaned from social media also fails to produce much clarity.
Twenty-fourth-century historical scholars debated these facts and started the Truth Project in 2321. While the project was almost a century in length, few Reality Stamps were ever successfully achieved. 

The Seven as they are called now are so listed below. 
  • The acceptance of the PetroYuan and subsequent devaluation of the American dollar had a domino effect on most of the world's currencies. Starvation and death from simple infections became pandemic. Shortages fueled riots and civil disobedience on a global scale. 
  • The American Military branches, except for the Marine Corp, and the Military industrial complex (AMBMIC) seized power in June of 2020 with operation EmptySwamp. This saw the first use of small yield nuclear weapons on American soil. The entrenched Marines had held the coup at the doorsteps of America's power base and died never giving a useable inch of ground. The ES Monument is a testament to their bravery and to the horror that would befall the new AMBMIC Coup. 
  • The Eye of Nations quickly responded by cutting off all trade and communication with the new Military Dictatorship. Canada, Mexico, and Cuba accepted refugees until they could no longer do so. The North American Walls were built by these new citizens to contain the growing savagery and protect them from it. Automated drones with lethal Ai were authorised to patrol these DEADZONES. The beginning of Hunter/Killer Artificial intelligence in autonomous machines later referred to as Tesla Terminators, or TT’s.  
  • The AMBMIC Government launched a Quick Strike Nuclear Attack on Russia, China, Canada, and South America. It was effective with mixed results. China launched an E8 level electromagnetic pulse bomb or EMP. It is believed they were targeting the USA, but it detonated early. The affected areas were Eastern Russia, Scandinavia, and Canada. Only northern regions of America were effected. 
  • Russia responded to the combined attack via the DeadHand defence program. DeadHand was Russia’s automated nuclear response to a first strike initiative. The system, housed in an EMP hardened bunker, read both attacks and launched, and signalled submarines to deploy.
  • United Nation states followed in deploying their munitions or nuclear options if they had US bases. Other satellite nations followed suit along ideological lines.
  • The devastation was less than complete and failed estimates and previous computer modelling. The nuclear winter did not result in an actual ice age as previous models predicted. The soil contamination and resulting deforestation were mitigated by the environment. For humans, the projected figures were more accurate, and the Great Depuration began. Information, past anecdotal evidence found in handwritten texts, and small bits of electronic data, stops until the enlightened period begins in 2133. 
    The human population survived on every continent in various forms. New Zealand and Iceland were the least affected countries. The first New World Church and Government, or NWCG, was established in New Zealand in 2134. 

Sensing had been discovered and while the ability was in its infancy at this time some of the better telepaths, as we now call them, could feel people in Iceland. The electronics were directed toward that area, and in 2144 New Zealand received the first Enlightened Period, EP, radio message.

“We live and love in peace. We want nothing; we need nothing, we are nothing to fear. We touch you through the ether. We feel you are good. We responded because we felt this. We are fine alone and need no help. Goodbye.”

There was no further communication with Iceland for fifty years. 

There was, however, communication between all of the other continents. Most of the responses were similar in nature and meaning. People had witnessed the complete destruction of the systems put in place to protect them and ongoing chaos that came when human savagery descended to Dante’s writings, wanted nothing to do with the outside world. 

    In 2194 the gathered telepaths, what we call now The Gathered, had been meditating for two years in a global collective. This was being done to promote the distribution of goods and materials and export the ideology later to be written in The Rule. 

Communication over wireless had progressed to digital signals allowing data transmission. America had proven to be a trove of information. Medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, and other sciences had been preserved. America was sharing with the world. Russia too had protected some of its technology and the two once giants were eager to share and slip the stains of their pasts. 

English became the agreed written and spoken languages. Although most had the sense and could merely see in their mind what the person was saying or meaning. This once separating barrier was a non-issue. Except for Iceland. 

    In the winter of 2194, Iceland sent its second broadcast. 

“We understand the decision has been made to make English the world language. We do not have an issue with this and see the simplicity of one language. We would like to receive a copy of The Rule for our people. If we agree with it, we would like permission to translate it to Icelandic and distribute it to our population for adaptation. We believe the Church and State should be separated. We propose hosting the Church in Iceland for a century While New Zealand hosts the government and then switching. We further propose that outer countries host if resources allow. This should happen at the century mark for a timeline. We look forward to joining you in mediation on this and other subjects. We wish to be part of the collective gatherings.” 

Iceland had been listening and wanted to Join the NWCG. This idea was shared and meditated on, and the NWCG v1.1 was created in 2196, with Iceland hosting the Church. 

    Violence and hatred have been eliminated. The New World Church and Government 2.2 have created a book simply titled; The Rule. While The Rule is, in fact, a large tome over three thousand pages. It outlines the behaviour expected of citizens and provides punishment if those behaviours are ignored. The punishments listed are many, but the result is always the same. 

DEATH. Violence, violent thoughts, hatred, greed, lying were viewed as an incurable disease. Eradication was the only cure. 

The Rule was expected reading under the New World Church and Government 1.6. However, since version 1.8 of the Organization citizens rarely spent the time to do so. Three hundred years of docile coexistence had made the required reading obsolete. The harsh sentences, provided in The Rule had eradicated the violence gene from those that had survived the Great Depuration. The wolves that had circled our forefathers fires the closest had, after all, became our dogs. 

    Paulson pushed his ball back from the old video screen unimpressed. While the history of the data stream was accurate and true, he wondered how simply reading it would work. Rarely were ideas expressed in written form. The practice of holding hands while talking, allowed the speakers to feel what each was saying. Talking itself was a dying art as it lacked emotion and was so slow. But he was the expert in ancient writings for this project, and the survival of the species and planet hung in the balance. He ran his long fingers over his bald head and reread it. 

    “Paulson the council is waiting for your scribblings.” He felt is project partner push the idea at him. “Are they complete yet?” 

    He pushed back “As complete as they will ever be. I will offload them to you now.” He sent the file to the cloud and wondered how long it would take the digital file to travel the 2000 miles to the main lab today. The delay was minute, it could only be measured in nanoseconds, and it was always different. 

    “I have it now. Thank you, Brother. I will take it to the council.” Paulson felt his associate say and his brain registered 2.0348 seconds. Faster today, he thought. 

    Becker Cryrogenetics had been a company selling snake oil immortality to the rich and stupid. The company’s location in Utah had proven to be very fortuitous. Shielded from most of the radiation and more importantly the Chinese EMP. The heavy iron content in the soil and a near perfect position concerning the exposure pattern all aligned and left Becker the only functioning computer outside of a military bunker. 

The company was not too unlike a military bunker, and the CEO had been syphoning profits to fund his Prepper belief for years before the 2020 war. The actual day to day costs for keeping humans frozen was not that expensive. Past making liquid nitrogen and maintaining the equipment to do so, the actual article was free. Pulled from thin air. The large solar array ran the computer, and the power and the equipment were automated. Everybody had believed the technology was snake oil, even the CEO, and so they had tried to shut him down. When they failed, they tried legislation to make the process impossible. Every system had to be doubly redundant. Anything that could go wrong had to be planned for, or the bodies would defrost, and the company would breach the agreement. So every possible Murphy had to be planned, and risk managed. 

It was a daunting task for the CEO at the time. But, a lot of people were happy to part with the thirty-seven thousand dollars it took to freeze a whole body. 

Heads were cheaper. But the idea of your loved one's heads floating around in a tank of nitrogen, bumping into other heads proved to be less attractive than the whole body plan. 

So aided by insurance payouts and grief Becker complied with every legislative hurdle the government put in front of it. It included three power-generating turbines placed into separate underground rivers. By the year 2018, the system was more complex than a moon launch, and the profit was incredible. 

The CEO’s underground complex was extensive, and he did have EMP shielding and everything an increasing paranoid Prepper planning for an end of the world event could imagine and buy. 

When the 2020 rioting started, he retreated to his bunker with his super-model girlfriend, leaving his wife and two kids to the hoards. He detonated the homemade fertiliser bombs on all the access points to the facility, set everything to automatic and sealed the door that could only be opened in two years. 

Unfourtunelty, a large group of Bats, invaded his air intake handling units, and by the time the accumulating quango caused his RPS custom designed NCB system to fail it was too late to fix the other one. 

The expedition party found his bunker and discovered the still working cryostorage facility. The Bunker was scavenged for parts, food, medicine, and various supplies and went a long way to put America back on the map again. Being part of a Prepper network he also had “general” mapped areas of others like him. It was a treasure map of finds. 

A debate had taken place over the status of the frozen. Were they dead or alive? The idea of killing was abhorrent to the survivors, and as no real determination could be made, they were merely left. They took nothing and needed nothing. It was an easy decision. 

They had been forgotten about during the EP, and it was only after Australia was attacked and overrun by the Trillers did the obsolete humans enter the world's discussion. 


    In 2450 Earth lived in peace. Love was the predominant emotion. It had been this way for so long few remembered the time of suffering. Medicine and technology had evolved quickly as every country shared openly. No corporations restricted access or knowledge and trade agreements were decided and agreed to by The Gatherers. 

Spoken language was rarely heard as telepathic communication was more accurate and faster. It was also entirely truthful. The Rule had been the guiding law since before most now living could remember. Art, music, and design were entwined in the community, family, and government. The Church was love and shared the energy of love and compassion to the world. People farmed, raised animals for non-lethal harvest, and devoted their lives to peace, love, and harmony amongst others and nature. 

Sickness and disease had been eradicated, and healing with a gatherings combined energy had eliminated the reliance on less traditional medicines. People could see tumours or diseased organs. Others could generate energy to heal or destroy cancerous cells. The average lifespan was 155 years, and that was increasing yearly. Infant mortality was zero. Money wasn’t used. You created, and you shared. 

    The Spring of 2452 changed all that. At noon a large asteroid sailed over New Zealand and crashed into the desert in Australia. Twenty-four hours later the first contact with the Trillers was felt in New Zealand by a group of Gatherers. Nine of the New Zealand Gatherers died of shock after feeling the events of their Brothers in Australia. 

The four-legged Trillers were carnivores, and while the people of earth understood some species needed to eat meat, even if they did not, the Trillers were voracious and left humans to spoil looking for fresh kills. Attempts to join with the Trillers were unsuccessful, and those that did get the emotional feelings of the creatures needed mental health workers to remain alive. The fury and hatred these creatures possessed were unfelt in this world. In seventy-two hours Australia was dark and without power or digital communication. Only the most disciplined of The Gatherers were allowed to focus on the continent. What they were saying wasn’t good. 

The NWCG decided that the lives of the many outweighed the lives of the few and quarantined Australia to the Trillers. 

Then they started to swim. 

The NWCG knew they lacked the skills to deal with this new threat. They knew nothing of war, past the history. The archive images had been censored to avoid causing emotional distress and unnecessary discord amongst the groups of students that had been educated for centuries. Protected from pain and sheltered from any form of violence and trauma the new humans were incapable of protecting themselves. 

This was when Skittles Goodtaste approached the NWCG with an idea. We could unfreeze the old humans stored in Becker labs, heal them and outfit them with weapons from the earlier times and use Russian transport deliver them to Australia. They could surely handle the Trillers and then with a little help from the New Humans be allowed to continue living in Australia. They couldn’t be expected to follow The Rule. But if they were correctly segregated and managed they could save the new world from being overrun by Trillers. 

They meditated as long as they could to try and decide if the risk involved in following Skittles Goodtaste was worth the risk of doing nothing. But the Trillers were turning out to be fast learners and had progressed to surrounding islands already. 

Becker Lab NWGC Quarantine Zone

David Synder awoke remembering the pain. He reached for the morphine drip and found it missing. He looked around and saw sterile white walls. He must still be at the VA hospital, but he felt weak. This was better than feeling death like he had yesterday. A thin doctor in a lab coat was asleep in a bean bag chair. He was pale, and had long limbs, like an insect. He looked at his vitals on the machine to his left and realised it wasn’t plugged in. 

    “Hey, Doc, What the fuck are you people doing I got stage four cancer and wasn’t supposed to make the day shift, and you got me moved to? What the fuck is going on?”
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Too damn deep for a dumb grunt like me. Enter-fucking-taining but deep in the cerebral sense.

I’d like to sit and talk about the ‘good ol’ days’.

Got all my old love letters back today. Big box of confetti.

Must be a full moon.

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More.
Daaanmmm! What a story!!!!

Have you started a new book Scott?
damn dude,you killed me off for violent thoughts?

when they make the movie i get a menial job with full bennys
the word of the day is-damn
I agree and great writing
The preceding was a public service announcement.

Be sure to tune in next time for another exciting episode.

Brought to you by YARC , where we just "ain't right" and you could be too .
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Stay Tuned

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Nice read Scott. Thanks!
New book?

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Great political satire and science fiction melding. This has great potential.
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Lifes a piece of shit when you think of it
But remember it's the only life you've got Whistling..."

Nope, Gary didn't kill you off for violent thoughts. You melted into your van on the first strike. Good soundtrack thou.
"I'll stop the world and melt with you..."

Glad you all enjoyed the story. Just watching and reflecting on the current STUPIDITY in the news and was reflecting on how this STUPIDITY affects van dwellers and nomads and imagined if we took the STUPIDITY out a bit. Then add something I read about cryogenics and make a story. I was a little full of energy that I figured needed to be focused and directed at something positive and healthy.

No new books. So few people really read anymore. It is a sad fact that culturally we watch ten movies for every book we read, on the high side. This was a four-hour coffee meeting run late to six hours with zero edits. Basically, as I puked it out.

OVERLORD. I think you want this to continue? An ongoing story perhaps...
We shall see how time allows and how much free time I have.

Thanks for the "likes" to use the social media term. Glad you enjoyed my contribution.
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