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So I see a great deal of drama has people entertained or perhaps a better word is engaged these days in our safe little liferaft of Vandwelling. I had to go searching to discover the issues and was surprised to see I had actually posted into the thread. I re-read the whole thing and sat back and sipped some vodka. Thinking. I see Sternwake posted he took the high road and I guess I wished I had read his advice/position before I read it all. 

I am a conflicted and as we all know not right individual. I can walk by inhumanity and barely notice it. But if I hold you as a friend and you are close to me, or we have shared, even virtually, a connection then my sensitivity seems to get magnified. I am famous for eating lunch at crime scenes while going over events that kept some awake for days. It is what it is. 

I see the forum as a place to relax and read interesting stuff and feel a little connection in English. I have shared dinner, drinks, and stories in-person with many of you here. I travelled half-way around the world to do it. But I don't really fit the title vandweller. I have always been a nomad, and the stamps in my passport scream this fact. To settle is death to me. I get no one owes anybody anything past common courtesy. I get situations change and people who extend a hand may suddenly not want to be alone with you once they see something move from virtual to reality. It is the nature and the difference between real and the internet. Just imagine what would happen if you could see the unfiltered thoughts inside someone's mind. My post in the infamous Pump your own gas thread commented on the brutality of early Mexican Indians with the connection that humans are the most brutal of the species. Notice species, not race. No race is clean from brutality. If anyone took offence to that post then not my circus and not my monkeys. Some people, not necessarily on our forum, have squirrels upstairs juggling knives. I think I have been very open here and forthcoming with help when I could. I know I've been entertaining. But I am an elitist prick as well. This should be no surprise. I think everybody should be the best them they can be and view any departure from that as weak. Contemptuously weak. Allowing fear to run your life, or settling for anything less than what you honestly desire at your core is a waste of the only life you have. People are beautiful sexual animals. But I have to be careful how I phrase sentences because of the #metoo movement. I shouldn't draw any attention to it, being a cunning linguist, for fear someone might take offence because the flirt was unwanted?

I remember getting phone calls from a couple of gay friends usually twice a month in the 80's to come and walk them home from The Gandy Dancer or Celebrities in Vancouver as the weekend saw the incidences of gay bashing rise. I would go grab a drink at the bar while they said goodnight, or had the last dance with a friend. The deal was I walk you home you buy me a drink. I got advances from quite a few men while waiting. Now, I am not gay so they were most certainly not encouraged. Yet as I politely smiled and said I was waiting for a friend I still enjoyed the fact someone found me attractive. I didn't school them on the fact I was not gay! I simply took the positive away from the encounter even if the scene made me uncomfortable. A gentle hand on the shoulder or knee. 

I get it is not exactly the same thing. But it is as close to an understanding as I have. I have never been beautiful, talented, and stuck in an industry that routinely takes advantage of people because they wield so much power. Only to turn around and wield it back when they became powerful.

I have maintained forever that if we focus on that which divides us and not what unites us we are doomed as a species. I came here because of the heavy-handed mods and agenda on the other place. Lots of stuff gets posted here I don't agree with. Lots of ideas gleaned from internet, searches, links in hand as proof, that X is fact. Ok, I don't agree. I might shake my head but I don't break my crayons on go home. I might post an alternative link or fact for discussion. But, I do so only if I think it might serve a purpose. If I think the person is dumb as dirt then I just let it go. See I am a most elite jerk.

I could take offence to all the Nobody said this, and Nobody was making slights against this person or that thread post. But I think it was being used as a noun and not a Proper Noun and meaning my nickname. I could be angry at peoples intentions, actions, and the difference between them. I can shake my head at the choices some people make either out of stupidity, convenience or fear or I can take it as personal disrespect. At the end of the day, the only person it hurts is me. I have the emotion to deal with not them. I make the choice to bring that into my life, make it affect me. I can wonder why friends I like talking to, and writing for are not participating much. 

Or I can read the prophetic scribblings on the subway wall. 

Gary, you asked for some emotive verbiage for getting your teeth kicked in. Sometimes you have to give the people what they want. The Christians and the lions sold out every night. A man that sees half as much lives twice as long (Russian). As for your collateral damage to the nice and kind woman taking over. 

Before Stalin died he wrote three letters and placed them in an envelope addressed to the next President. The envelope said how to get out of any political problem.

Inside were three white envelopes marked one two and three. 

It wasn't long before a crisis struck and the new president opened letter one
"Take complete responsibility and promise steps to make sure it never happens again."

A little over a year later riots happened and the President opened letter two.
"Share the emotion of the situation and share understanding while promising progress."

Another year went by and in December another crisis. The President opened the last letter.
"Write three letters for your replacement."

Peace and Love everybody.
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Scott - I do not believe the one thread was the only problem and I am very sorry I pointed it out as something that made me uncomfortable. I was asked by a moderator to share online what made me cringe here, and I did.

But in my life I make my decisions. In your life you make yours. I just want a nice place to meet folks and talk about life on the road. Because life on the road is a struggle and the other forum covers up that news and allows people who are wholly unprepared to seek this lifestyle and learn it all the hard way.

But this isn’t my house and I don’t make the rules. I don’t pay the bills.

I am happy to have met you this winter and sorry the flu took you out of camp before we got a chance to really visit. I am sure we would have had some great laughs around the campfire.

Be safe out there.

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"Gary, you asked for some emotive verbiage for getting your teeth kicked in. Sometimes you have to give the people what they want. The Christians and the lions sold out every night. A man that sees half as much lives twice as long (Russian). As for your collateral damage to the nice and kind woman taking over. "

the poll was made,the people spoke and have gotten what they wanted
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