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Denver Museum of Natural History
We spent most of the day in Denver looking through the cool exhibits of which there are many. They have a special Dead Sea Scroll exhibit with lots of texts and translations. Pretty neat stuff.

I especially enjoyed their dioramas of Native American life with all the artifacts.

[Image: c79785a1e5c37d9980b247d4318c2d34.jpg]
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That's a neat Pic! Did you get any pics of the dead sea stuff?
They had armed guards keeping people from taking pictures.
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Were they worried someone might read them ? Rolleyes
Stay Tuned

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reminds me of a scene from Planet of the Apes
I love museums, one of my favorite things to do while traveling.
Tellus in Cartersville, GA is very cool
(03-21-2018, 05:26 PM)Everyroadleadshome Wrote: I love museums, one of my favorite things to do while traveling.

There is a reciprocal program among many museums and if you are a member of one you can get in free or big discounts on others.
We have 4 reciprocals on two cards. If you search, put in the name of a (museum and reciprocal) and if it has any they will show up. We have NARMS, Smithsonian, ASTC and AHS. There is also one for zoos. Those still cost you half price to get in. We got two on each card we bought. When I searched I found some have 3 reciprocals. The prices may vary and the reciprocals will vary. There are other deals you can find. Some states have historical societies you can join and visit any in that state. Some museums do not have any reciprocals. Some have package deals with other places of interest. Some you buy the pass at the beginning of a month and it goes to the end of the month the next year. Some have news letters and some have magazines - one of ours sends air and space magazine. My grandson loves those. We staggered the months when we bought our passes so we don’t have to pay out of pocket all at once. There are free museums if you dig around. We went to Murfreesboro, TN and found a ton of stuff to see. It was all free. We will need to go back to see it all. We had a limited amount of time and it was very cold when we were there. It is a ton of walking but very interesting if you are into history.
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