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My New RV.
Well, its been a while sense I've been here, so I will update on what's been going on. 
I had the surgery on my finger, went through all of the therapy and did everything the doctors said to do, and from my own opinion its not good and never will be again. 
I still have no feeling on one side of my finger, no tingling or anything. I can hardly turn a screwdriver with any force at work, and if I push it I get a  lot of lasting pain in the palm of my hand. I also notice that I drop things more often because I can't tell how tightly I'm holding something. So I guess this is how its going to be from now on. 
I am back to work full time because I have to be, bills don't stop just because your sick or injured, but does anyone here know if I have any other recourse as far as this injury goes because it is a permanent injury?.
So that's were I'm at right now.
I cut my finger rather badly at one time. It was numb for more than 20 years but surprisingly I can feel with it again.
Same with my finger. Touched the blade on a table saw and required a couple stitches 11-12 years ago. It was numb on one side for years but feeling got better with time. Still just a little numb in one spot. After years of telling my kids to be careful with power tools, the kids ripped into me.

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I can give a good example of how numb my finger is. 
I do refrigeration work were I work, and a few days ago I was repairing a freon line on a refrigerator and I must have touched one of the lines that I just welded together, but I never felt it at all. 

Yesterday I found a one inch long third degree burn on my finger. I didn't feel it when it happened and I can't feel it now.  So I'm going to have to be very careful from now on and really watch what I'm doing more than I ever have before.
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You don’t actually feel a third degree burn. Third degree is blackened dead flesh down to the bone. Nerve endings destroyed. Nothing to carry the pain signal. You feel the second degree and first degree area around the burn.

I have a few spots with limited to zero feeling. The ones on appendages are by far the worst, for incurring further damage. I used to tape my index finger when working without gloves inside an engine. The pinky toes on both my feet have been smashed so many times they curl under and can freely rotate. Can’t feel them at all. On really long hikes I have to take special care of them or they end up looking like skin tags on an elephants anus. Welcome to Life past fifty hard played. Sucks but not as much as the alternative.

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I haven't been here in a while, how is everyone doing ?.
I've been busy at work, and trying to stay as cool as I can in the hot weather we have been
having. Right now my Phoenix cruiser is in the body shop having some paint work done, so right now I'm living in my class A RV. So its going to be another week before I get it back. The Phoenix cruiser is home, I just don't feel as at home in the class A.
2001 Phoenix Cruiser 2300B.        
On A Ford E350 Chassis

2003 Southwind Class A
On A Workhorse Chassis 

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Getting home #1 fixed up , not many have a second one to live in !
Nice ! Heat is supposed to let up a little,,,,well here anyway.....I got ocean.
Stay Tuned

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Shadow, I had a big old class A that I just couldn’t bond with. For now I’m at home in my Ford Transit Connect.
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