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Europe is colder than the desert.
MMMM, So it has been a while. Perhaps some of you might want to know what is going on. If you were betting the spread that the nasty flu would kill me you lost. Never bet against my survival it is one of the two things I do well. 

I am in Eastern Europe doing a low profile security gig to top up my battered credit card. The trip over and down, with newly acquired gear, and a few weeks in LA-LA Land made this all a necessary evil. I briefly tossed around the idea of staying stateside but...Not sure I fit anymore. So I shook a couple of trees for a gig and it would seem that the world has not all adopted the peace and love they have been talking about since the sixties. 

So on a jet, ink still wet on the contract found me in lovely Kiev. I won't get political as I am up against the house on this one I think, but it is not the same old gangster/government easy breezy place it once was. Sad really as all the cool bars are gone. The general feeling is that something is about to go sideways, at any moment, and topless beer halls are now illegal! "Thanks for the mam....'Nah I won't!

Guess this is all good for me and work. But it sucks if you have to live here without great employment chances and choices. On a positive side, the influx of Western types has driven up prices in certain sectors of the community. Not great for the locals or enriching positive career choices. Such is the culture when you discover slippery black stuff under the ground and you have an artificially propped up society. 

Been doing the in-town thing for the last few days but will be travelling North and east soon so my second language skills will probably come in handy. Driving down to the desert was a good reintroduction to my driving skill set and I have had to put it to good use. Normally other people are careful around expensive G wagons. Not here! The whole culture of I can afford this so my lawyer, or other, will be bigger than your lawyer seems to have disappeared. Probably the most dangerous and stressful part of the day is the 35-minute commute to the city. The countryside is alive! Unfourtuently it is alive with idiots and the coffee has barely kicked in.

I did get a chance to stop in Tbilisi, Georgia and visit some friends and see the school I started open a new classroom. What started as five students has now grown to 300, much to the joy of the couple I left running it. The return of the Native Speaker was met with a traditional feast and the 48 hours was a good time. 

Perhaps when this gig ends I will head black to my sleepy Black Sea town and start another school. Or...

Life is that simple and that difficult. Part of me wishes I was back in the desert and another is comfortable in this role. It is after all not getting what you want but wanting what you got, that makes us happy. 

What is next? Not sure but unless I get kicked out of the club I'll let you know what is going on. Well, as much as I can...
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It seems that you are not getting very dusty like you were in Quartzsite.  We miss your company, and those campfire gatherings. The lemons are ripe here. I picked up about 100 of them so we are chasing away the viruses with lemon aid and lemon bars. Vitamin C in raw form. 
Lala land is the next stop for us. My Tigger is demanding a green lawn to roll around on. My family is wanting to make sure that I am still alive. 

Then there is The Goofiest Place On Earth. I would like to cross that off of my bucket list. 

Perhaps we can do some E  communications at a later date. My nephew is sad at having not had a chance to talk with you.
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the continuing adventures of Scotty D,spring is a coming,going to be a nice place to be when it does
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