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Maybe everyone else knows this...
It would be great to have multiple options for food, especially. The nearest grocery is about 1/2 mile away, prices are almost or actually double of other places. The next nearest are Safeway (high), Walmart, Grocery Outlet, a 26-mile roundtrip. North is Fred Meyer and Albertsons (also WM & Home Depot), 42-mile roundtrip, which is where I usually go. My truck gets about 12 mph @ $3+/gal, so each trip costs about $10.50 in gas.

Txjaybird, I can't believe those prices! Nothing like that around here! (Probably not anywhere in the state.)
where i live it takes $10 in gas to go get $10 of gas

farmer markets and such are great places to get cheap and good for you food

learn to work a fishing pole and a worm and you will not go hungry
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Back in 1978 or 1979 I worked for a company called TX Field Research.  At one point I sat in 7/ 11 Stores and did "traffic patterns"....I tracked and noted where customers went in the store from the time they entered until they left  I think I also noted the the time of day and maybe gender too, I don't remember exactly....I've slept since then Wink

I also did a in home survey sponsored by the federal govt' {i was told} to dertermine what smokers were willing to give up in their current ciggy of choice.  Things like paper and filter color, menthol on no menthol. length, filter or no filter.  The kicker question was " If you could smoke a safe natural substance in a cigarette indentical to what you smoke now with the only difference being  that they have no tobacco....would you change?  Very few, maybe 10% of the interviews I did said they would make the change.

Then there was the feminine hygiene product placements.  No detais.......Just one ol' Bubba in a sweat stained wife beater seemed disappointed when I ask for the "lady of the house" and I still wouldn't go in even tho he assured me she wasn't home  Rolleyes  

 Maybe Sky Net was aware even back then?


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