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What If?
(02-11-2018, 01:37 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: Hey ! You found my bag of money !
Thanks , I've been looking all over for it............
I'll PM you with my address.
Nope, I'm keeping it til D.B. Cooper shows back up to claim it.
 The Captain and Crew Finally got their stuff together. 
 Now if they can only remember where they put it.   Rolleyes
Re: Traveling... TSA is probably keeping tabs on all travelers. They would probably grab you at the airport and ask how you're traveling around the world on $800 a month SS.
(02-11-2018, 01:37 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: Hey ! You found my bag of money !
Thanks , I've been looking all over for it............

No problem.  Just send a list of the missing serial numbers for verification . . .


I don't like to make advance plans.  It causes the word PREMEDITATED get thrown around in the courtroom!
I'm NOT crazy!  My mother had me tested! Cool
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin   You tell 'em, OP!
Shit , I never wrote 'em down !
They all are green with pictures of dead people on the front............
Stay Tuned

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When I was a kid I found two winter gloves that were filled with rolls of money. I do not remember exactly how much...but to me it was a fortune.

I took it to the police. They called my Mom. Both my parents arrived, prepared to punish me for whatever landed me at the police station. After a few weeks, the police brought the entire thing to me! Unclaimed.

Would I turn this bag in? I would have before hearing about the likely bogus claim of drug money. Now..I would keep it.
There is a fair number of people out here in BLM land that are not making it....last week of the month is mighty lean for some. I would use the money to start a food bank for vandwellers who need the extra help.

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