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RV sales topped 500,000 in 2017
- I have TT because otherwise I would have been living hotels. I get paid per diem for living expenses. $140/day 7 days/week. Now I could easily get a decent hotel room that would cost me $350-450 per week. RV space with full hook up averages $350-450/ Month. The $1000 difference is tax free $$ in my pocket. I consider my TT a tool. Someone told me once "You can't never own that hotel room without buying the hotel. " I get to sleep with my own sheets etc. Yall know they very rarely wash the bedspreads right ?? Can we say ...Using a black light in a room will be the worst horror scene you will never be able to un-see to most.
- All RV's with slideouts that I have owned (including the one I have now) have had problems with leaks in the slideouts. And I stay on top of maintenance and repairs.
-Everything I learned about RV's I learned from other RV'ers. For that I am grateful for. And one of the many reasons I continue to help others.
- About the only RV's that were ever built great IMO were Airstreams.
- The fact that a lender will finance an RV on a Ten year note making the payments super low is very inticing to the weekend warriors. Most RV's are like exercise equipment. Great when the new..go out and use them a couple times...then they just sit and rot.
Yeah I looked at them, but trailering isn’t for me. Class B will be a bit of a space challenge but I think fits my lifestyle better.

There’s nothing wrong with towables— I just wish Airstream had competition, because everyone was building high quality stuff.

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There were quite a few brands of Airstream type trailers. Some built much better than Airstream. The Avions were a tank for example. You can still find them at reasonable prices too.

Airstream had Wally Byam, a marketing genius.
I am not liking towables any more myself. I have had three of them now. I had always shied away from the class b's etc due to price and that at the time I only owned 3/4 to 1 ton trucks that I would not tow behind a motorhome. That's why I'm really excited and going all in on getting a shuttle bus and converting it so I can live with one, have the things I need and not want, be simpler. On top of that I now own an additional car that can be towed. It's time to retire my trucks and send them back to the family ranch. None of them are under 20 yrs old.

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